A Message from Spirit to all Light Workers

Dear lightworkers

We are all experiencing a multitude of energetic influences. Some of us may be experiencing it physically or intuitively others via the intellect.
In this crazy time we are all going through and feeling the transition into a higher frequency, the new earth. The earth as it should be. We are moving into an earth where there is abundance for all, where there is no conflict, where we all value one another’s freedom, where we value one another’s rights, where every country sees themselves as a nation and a tribe.

We are moving towards a more joyous world

While experiencing chaos you are also beginning to experience hope and possibilities,a new power. You know that you can be healthy and joyful, you know that you can manifest, you know that you’re able to assist others in finding their higher path even as you find your own.

These conflicting energies is the releasing of dense energies.As the frequency of mother Earth is heightening so these dense energies are arising and being expelled from the earth plane. Some of these dark energies have been embedded for centuries and are now being expelled.They are being released deep from within the earth and within ourselves. Consequently there is much discordant type energy which is occurring on our planet. Rest assured it is all part of the clearing process.

We are experiencing a “clearing out“

As light workers we are particularly sensitive to these dark energies and entities . These dark energies and entities are going around trying to hang onto violent narrowmindedness and shadow aspects. Overall remember that if you see any of the shadow aspects within yourself recognise that you to are healing. It may be painful, discomforting or confusing. Take a step back. Become aware of what’s going on and don’t get swallowed up by these negative moments that you observe arising. Remember part of the clearing means a lot of chaos is coming to the surface. Be patient with yourself be patient with others.

Maintain an open heart. Ask the Divine that you may see and feel the higher energies which are now on planet Earth. Ask the Divine to show you the existence of higher energies upon which the planet is now being formed. As you open up to the feeling, to the presence of the Divine, you will be lifted up and forward. You will be removed more so from the densities of this transition which are from the old world.

You are very powerful. The key to maintaining your equilibrium in these difficult times is spiritual work. It is invaluable and is the key to your calm.

Now is the time to give up the drama of your past life and move towards your own inner peace, within your heart centre,stay calm.

Once within your heart you will be reminded and will therefore remain confident that you are moving into a new and magnificent world . When you see, act ,feel and think from your heart you will see the signs of this new sacred world,these signs are all around you.

You are crossing into a new and beautiful world

Go forth with confidence for before you were born you chose this path. Your efforts are recognised and being rewarded. You are not alone and you are loved. You are perfectly where you are meant to be. You have chosen to be part of a most extraordinary and exciting change!

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat
We are always here to assist and are honoured to share the journey with you!