A Prayer

Dear Angels and beings of light,

I beseech you, I call upon you to send me clarity, to help me understand the ways of the world via the heart. I say via the heart because I know that my thoughts get in the way. I know that these thoughts are contaminated by beliefs wishes and other forms of indoctrination which I have learnt.

A client gives gratitude as his burning prayer wafts up to the heavens

I ask to feel the love which I know exists all around me. If my heart was more open to receiving this love , I would be able to access it and thereby fill the void. I know that LOVE is sustaining and enables me to grow and flourish.

Sacred Fire & prayers at Green Leaves Retreat

I pray that anxiety and stress does not control me and that my emotion is predominantly one of peace and love. For I know that anxiety and stress is an unnecessary block and a heavy weight. It not only negatively impacts on my perceptions and behaviours but also manifests as dis -ease and pain within my physical body.

I pray that I maintain focus on what is important and that this focus will assist me to reach my highest potential here on planet Earth..

I pray that my spiritual work raises my vibrational frequency and attracts to me “like minded” souls. Souls that are nourishing and healing beings of light so that together we become a huge beacon Light. Together we are able to illuminate and support each other while assisting and illuminating all those with whom we come into contact.

Enjoying a home cooked meal at the “ essential steps to inner peace” workshop at GL Retreat

Please inform me when to expand and to contract. When I contract I do so because I am needing spiritual maintenance and only after working on myself am I able to step forth and expand, offering myself as a conduit for the healing of others.

Only after working on myself can I step forth and assist others”

May I be conscious of inhaling and exhaling the breath of the Divine. Let me be reminded that we are constantly supported on our light journey because we alike you are light.
Much love to the spirits and beings who presented themselves for this prayer manifestation.

This blessed light image of an eye manifested on the walls at GLR after a prayer session


Patricia Lucy