About Patricia Lucy

I always knew there was more to life.

This was confirmed after my three near death experiences.

At six I nearly drowned and at 17 and 30 years of age, I was involved in “lucky to be alive car accidents”.

These traumatic events created an insatiable quest to discover my life purpose and the purpose of “it all”

At 17 I joined the peace movement, began intensive studies in self reflection and ran meditation workshops. These studies in personal development naturally segued into spiritual studies. Finally I was feeling fulfilled but, for how long? At least I knew I was on the right track.

I continued seeking. I enrolled at university and after successfully completing years of study, I re enrolled in another course. This student rig-ma-roll became a bit of a habit.

Finally, I had to stop and surrender. I stopped looking at University and other courses for answers. I then acknowledged what I’d always known. That the journey and the answers lay within.

As a qualified teacher, I was also voluntarily running meditation and personal development groups. As I became completely immersed in alternative studies and practices , my personal self reflections accelerated. It was then I noticed that when I was teaching criminal or troubled adults or children, I felt “high” like I was in another zone! I continually offered wise words and responses.I knew they were not my words, they were just too perfect and pure. In this altered state I also felt an overwhelming love.
Later I realised this is called channeling.

For years I’d been using my intellect but, Channeling comes from the heart. More and more I was using my heart to direct my life yet, I was still self cynical! My Masters in Applied Science which specialised me in using wholistic techniques to problem solve, nor any other course or study I’d undertaken, all didn’t teach me how to deal with my worst cynic, myself.

Giving myself a chance I finally made sense of it. Wow! I understood that miracles can only be experienced with the heart.

The Oxford dictionary says “A miracle is something which cannot be explained by Science” that’s certainly the truth.

Regardless of where I’ve been, the true journey has been from within, my head to my heart!

Today the irony amuses me, my purpose in life is to help others achieve theirs!

Patricia Lucy

May you
today tomorrow always
17 Jan 2018


“Today, with the gift of Divine channel, I am ready to share the journey with you and – I can’t wait!”

Patricia Lucy’s qualifications include:

Bachelor of Education, Diploma in M. Health – Counselling, and a Masters in App Science – Soc Ecology.

Love Nourish Flourish