Are we living life the way we want to live?

Are we living life the way we want to live?

Do you find that you consent or are swayed by others suggestions? Do you let people tell you what to do? Is this how you live your life? You have your own ideas, your own beliefs, your own likes and dislikes yet, somehow, others and their opinions seem to have a mysterious hold over you – dictating how you should live.


Has conforming seen us loose our true selves?

Look at your career, your life style, what you wear, what you eat, what you think. Who are your friends? Is this how you want to dress ? How you wish to wear your hair? How you want to talk, walk, or are you living your life for others ? Could it be perhaps that you are attempting to be accepted or that maybe part of you has just given up because to pursue your own plans could mean failure , or could it be that by changing you would meet with too much opposition and therefore,its easier to give in ? Have you been following the crowd and lost who you truely are?
We are social beings and as such we experience an enormous amount of pressure to conform. Sometimes we repress what we wish to say or do so that we may fit in with the status quo . This process of self oppression is soul destroying.

The moment for self reflection has arrived!

To free yourself,every morning and evening ask yourself the questions below.

[Think deeply and write down your answers.This is an important part of the self reflection process because writing enables you to remain focused.
Continue asking yourself these daily questions until you are satisfied that you’re answering truthfully and that you are being brutally honest. Its important to feel that your answers are coming from deep within.]

What does your heart desire?


*What makes my heart sing?

*What have I always wanted to do but not yet done?

*If I knew there was no failure, resistance or opposition what would I do?

Do not to judge or analyse the responses.


*How can I go about achieving these changes?

*What small steps can I begin today? Example do I need to collect brochures, do a Google search, make calls?

*Follow thru with small practical steps

The Following day ask yourself the same questions as above and again ask *what small steps can I undertake today to achieve my goals? Again follow thru with small practical steps.

Self reflection reduces a life of contradiction

On a daily basis ask yourself the questions and everyday undertake an action towards your goals.Once you begin this process you will find that with each re visit of the questions, your own resistances will slowly reduce.

Live a life with Joy… because you can!

Be aware of any old mental patterns which are restricting who you truly are and restricting how you want to live. Replace any negative dialogues with positive dialogues.
Eg: “I’m too old to change job”( negative thought – replace with positive thought)
“I can change jobs and my experience is valuable”

Stay focused on your end goals.
Be grateful for your past successes.
Know you can change yourself and your circumstances.

Continue in the direction towards your goal and in so doing you have started to liberate yourself,living a life you love , living the life you want to live.

Love YOU


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