Black Gold

As a coffee aficionado let it be known that the Central Coast ticks all the boxes!

It’s always such a thrill to do a little research, pick an unknown destination and then venture towards coffee indulgence!

I love coffee! In fact, I’m in love with coffee! I’m sure this is due to my heritage. My parents are Italian and I was raised on the smell of a good fresh ☕ brew!

Green Leaves Retreat

The scent of freshly ground coffee triggers and transports me to exotic and faraway places. I fly high like the birds, and swim in deep oceans with the most colourful of fish.  I walk on clouds, get a smile on my dial and my mood and wellbeing is immediately enhanced. The world becomes even more beautiful and awesome. Having said that, imagine my depths of despair if I have a terrible coffee!! Lol! lol!

Annually, the Central Coast caters for hundreds and thousands of tourists and with them comes a great coffee standard! Catering for the tourist market, us Coasties are blessed to be surrounded by an amazing array of boutique coffee outlets. This, coupled with the unbelievably magnificent natural locations, creates a total sensory extravaganza!

I’ve had coffee by the sea, in book shops, next to train stations, cafe latte in the bush, coffee over lakes, cappuccino in industrial settings, a macchiato in fun and funky venues, iced coffee near pigs and donkeys, a long black in gardens next to a horse stud and short black on a mountain at a boutique hotel! I’ve even had a cracker of a coffee at a brewery!

Green Leaves Retreat

My daily afternoon coffee is a sacred ritual. It’s all about the anticipation, the preparation, and then the indulgence. It’s akin to meditation. I set up my environment, light the candle and off I go. Unlike meditation, I don’t venture within but rather – out. I do a bit of research, drive to an amazing location, pick the right seat and order the perfect coffee in a brilliant environment, with a phenomenal outlook. Sometimes I bring a book, sometimes my laptop, and other times I simply submerge myself in the experience of sensory delights and watch the world go by!

Green Leaves Retreat

I’ve been indulging in the sacred art of coffee drinking for years. Many of my university degrees and assignments have been achieved thanks to many a late night, the brown bean and wonderful cafes. But nowadays, I’ve truely reached the ultimate! As a Coastie I’m privileged to experience a sacred coffee ritual that has elevated and evolved to the level of sublime!


Check it out!!!  New, Exciting, Spacious and Quirky. Do you crave great coffee and tasty food? Burns Road Cafe in Ourimbah offers a chilled out space with an exciting twist. Situated off the bustling highway (on the site of the Big Flower Nursery) attentive staff will ensure you exit with a smile. You inevitably leave with that “can’t wait to return” feeling! :-))_

See you around the traps.



Today Tomorrow Always

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat


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