Divine Love

Divine love is different to all other loves. It is love from the divine and involves worship and devotion.

Divine love is the highest universal energy force. Some believe the source is God, while others may consider it to be the Universe, Goddess, Mother Earth or whatever energy source they deem to be divine and sacred.

The more attuned we are with the divine the more capable we are of positively impacting upon our lives and the lives of others. Prayers, rituals, and all forms of devotion, and gratitude when integrated into our daily lives, strengthen us physically, mentally and spiritually, equipping us for our life journeys while rendering us as more capable beings.

To consolidate divine love into our daily lives is to liberate ourselves from the mundane. This ultimate energy directs you towards actions, thoughts and feelings which give us life meaning, joy and purpose.

On planet earth, everyone has a unique role. To discover our reason for being here, we need to take care of and to love ourselves. By engaging with divine love via prayer, gratitude, meditation, mindfulness, sharing, helping others, being kind, patient, smiling and having the intent of love, gives us contentment and peace, making us more capable of contributing ideas, inspiration and being helpful and useful to others.

By forgiving ourselves and others, we develop an expansive perspective and spirit which frees us from daily burdens and from “sweating the small stuff”. Seeing the bigger picture also offers us insights and knowing, while ensuring we are more capable of living to our ultimate potential.

Celebrating differences means not to judge others. We live in a world where no two people are alike. Whether it be having an opinion on how others dress, they’re hair, their gender, the food people eat or their choice of music. Our preconceived ideas and judgements prevents us from understanding, this  blocks the divine energy from coming through.

Be generous in mind and spirit. Share with others. Whether it be via your goodwill or with tangible items such as food or money, life experience or ideas. We are all abundant and we have much to share.

Remember you are greater than you think and, with regular worship and devotion, you will be greater than you can possibly imagine.

In peace and joy
Patricia Lucy ❤️❤️❤️

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Distractions and the Art of Focus

How common is it for you to settle down to concentrate on a task only to be distracted? You receive a text message, the phone rings, you have to check your Facebook or twitter, you discover your best friend is having an amazing time while your stuck in the office. You then realise you have twenty emails that you must respond to immediately… and then…

Distraction often leads to incomplete projects, frustration, missed deadlines and if left unaddressed can lead to lowered self esteem. Well, fear not, there are many tools and techniques which can assist with maintaining focus and getting you to where you want to be!

1. Before commencing any activity which needs focus, ‘unplug’! Unplug, disconnect, turn off notifications or put on silent anything which distracts you. If you need to check emails, but need to do an activity which requires your full concentration, decide to only check emails every few hours.

2. List your overall aims, why you wish to achieve them and how you will achieve them. This not only focuses your mind but allows you to readjust and make any necessary changes.

3. Create a weekly plan. Make a list for each day and what you wish to achieve. Revisit and re arrange priorities in order of importance.

4. Reduce your goals into smaller steps. Tick off goals as they are achieved. This gives you a sense of achievement and motivates you towards your greater goal.

5. Factor in short breaks. Our brains are designed to work efficiently for a certain length of time. Give yourself lots of breaks, have a healthy snack, go for a short walk. By taking a break, you are resetting your brain and improving your concentration.

6. Reward yourself. When you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve, reward yourself. Give yourself some ‘Me’ time. Take yourself out to your favourite coffee shop or engage in a pleasurable activity. You deserve it!

Focus takes practice and it’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Enjoy the process!!

Big hugs ❤️
Patricia Lucy

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Kicking goals together

Nurture Your Brain

Our brains, such a major and significant organ plays a major role in our well being yet, their often ignored and neglected. By investing in some simple strategies, we can immediately and positively impact on our brain health. Let’s act now!

Cherish your sleep! Sleep enables us to integrate our thoughts, memories and optimises our learning. Disrupted, sleep interferes with healthy development, can weaken our immune systems and lead to illness.

Engaging socially leads to slower cognitive decline and reduces the possibility of Alzheimer’s. Therefore it’s important to stay connected with family and friends rather than limiting yourself to social media.

Challenging your brain is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Education, or activities which involve challenge, novelty and learning, changes brain chemistry. Taking up a new hobby, learning a musical instrument, socialising with new people, discovering new places, any endeavour which moves you into a new field will flex your brain muscle and assist you to live to your ultimate potential.

Although stress can enhance memory, too much stress will impair your memory and like little stress can lead to depression and boredom. Find your personal stress level where you are stimulated, challenged but not overwhelmed.

Our hearts and brains are closely linked. Our brains need a reliable supply of oxygen and nutrients which are directly supplied by the heart. Maintain a healthy weight, get   your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol checked regularly and eat a diet rich in colourful vegetables and eat up lots of omega.

Perceiving life in a positive or negative way matters. Those with a positive outlook live happier, longer and more content lives. Keep a check on your perceptions and prejudices and adjust accordingly.

Physical exercise directly benefits the structure and functioning of your brain and reduces your risk of heart disease. By simply reducing the amount of time you sit and increasing the amount of time you move increases your life span and quality of life.

Protect your brain. Remove or reduce alcohol and drugs while wearing your seat belt and protective head gear when needed.

Everyone with a brain needs to consider brain health. NOWS the time to invest.

Big love to you and your brain.

Till next time
Patricia Lucy ❤️❤️
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Colours Vibrate Your World

Green Leaves Retreat

Don’t you just love colour?

I’ve always loved colour and I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by how colour can affect our moods.

How would it be to experience a life where we couldn’t see colour or could only see the world in black-and-white?

Apparently colour blindness is more common in  males than females. There is also a partial colour blindness condition and those with partial colour blindness often don’t realise until they’re in their adult years!

How lucky are the majority of us who can see the magnificence of colour and revel in its benefits!

Green Leaves Retreat
Fill your days with colour

A bit about wonderful colours!

Did you know….

was considered a stately colour reserved for the religious or royalty. The dye to make the purple colour was prohibitorily expensive hence worn only by those with money.

Is considered to be a colour of  action and arousal. If you want to turn your partner on wear red

The throat chakra is blue. To encourage speech or support your voice wear blue around your neck. It is the colour of the sky, sea and promotes loyalty.

Green Leaves Retreat
Blue is the colour of the throat chakra, the sky, water and loyalty

is a bit of a hipster colour considered to be slimming and elegant whilst it  can be successfully worn by anyone.The depth of the colour means it absorbs light which makes it a heat catcher. The intensity of the colour has historically seen it as a popular  funeral wear.

Many consider white to be a non-colour because it is devoid of colours. It is thus considered pure. Opposite to black its reflective in that it’s not absorbent to light  hence keeping you cool. The colour white is thought by many to lift your moods.

Green Leaves Retreat

Reflecting the light and Is mood enhancing. Yellow is a happy colour.

Cool, refreshing and rejuvenating green is equated with Mother Nature and oxygen. And alike going for a walk in nature, green, the colour of the heart chakra is soothing to the mind body and soul.

Colours are often used for their therapeutic and calming benefit whereas
orange like red is considered bold and stimulating to the appetite.

Next time you get dressed or decide to paint your walls or decorate your room,what colours will you choose to bask in?

Have a colourful  week

See you soon
Patricia Lucy

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Powerful Daily Affirmative Prayer

Speak out loud daily

“I thank the Universal Spirit of All-That-Is for this day, and I choose to see only Light, Love, and innocence in myself and others.
I invite the presence of that Spirit into every situation.”

I choose to be all that I AM, and to know that it is safe to honour and cherish my true identity.

I AM a spiritual being in a physical body. I AM Love.

I AM loved, loving, and lovable.

I AM a beautiful, desirable, and empowered person.

I know that true prosperity is perfect health, wealth, and happiness.
I accept that Spirit is the Source of all supply, and that money is Spirit in action.

Love is flowing from me and to me so richly and so fully, that I have Abundance, prosperity, and affluence to share and to spare, today and always.

My body regenerates itself and I emanate perfect health. I AM breathing fully and vibrantly today and always.

I choose to give up difficulty; I choose to be a living example of human potential.
These words I speak in faith, and they activate a law of Universal Good, and I accept and share the results.

I AM thankful for these blessings, for the increase in them, and for all others, knowing that we prosper together in every way.

I AM rich in my heart. I AM rich in my soul. I AM rich in my life. I AM rich and I AM whole.

Thank you, Spirit, for blessing me.”
-Author unknown

May Peace, Love and Abundance be yours.
Patricia Lucy
Green Leaves Retreat

Together we change

Please Note: 
Bookings reopen June 14th 2019

Sharing The Journey

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It’s here!! We have arrived! It is 2019! We made it and with this knowing, we are reminded that we are resilient and strong. 

As we slowly realise the full impact of  being in  a new year , the old year of 2018 wash’s over us leaving us with an awareness. We recognise that life’s challenges and adversity brings with it our evolution and learning’s. We are reminded that all experiences, especially those that we deemed difficult,negative or unbearable have all served to move us in a direction which is soul nourishing and has been for our highest good. We are better equipped for 2019!

It’s with the deepest love, gratitude and admiration that I’ve had the privilege to work with so many of you beautiful light workers. Together we’ve evolved, improved our lives and impacted positively on the life of others. 

Big love and blessing to all who participated in the workshops, Retreats, one on one healing’s and house clearings. It’s been an honour.
I admire your determination to improve yourselves and the world.
I’m honoured to be sharing the journey with you. Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting those whom I’ve yet had the privilege.

A Special gift for you. An empowering healing prayer to see you through 2019 ….. click below

Patricia Lucy
Big love
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Important Note: big big Love to Nico Balschuweit who runs the internationally acclaimed Podcast Of Your Soul.

You are a beacon of light, continually helping and assisting others to live to their highest potential .
You are a true inspiration .
It was an absolute honour to work with you. .. let’s do another podcastagain.. soon 🎀🎊🎉🎈💚🙏

The Emergence of The Divine Feminine

The Emergence of The Divine Feminine

We are privy to a re birth!

At this 11th hour, feminine energy is rising. This fierce feminine life force has stepped in to redress the present imbalance.

Within all of us, regardless of gender, our soul has both feminine and masculine energy yet, for aeons, the feminine energy has been devalued and the masculine has been the overriding voice and the voice of celebration.

Inequality has reached a crucial extreme and our earthly systems can no longer progress. Together we bare as active witness to the emergence of the Divine feminine.

This  feminine rising, while introducing a balance is liberating our world by leading and showing us the way forward.

Kindness, nurturance, love, compassion and other feminine characteristics, which, primarily absent or scant are now manifesting everywhere.

The “ young “ that is -Mother Earth, her eco system’s, humans, beings of light, all innocents and everything on planet earth are experiencing the feminine’s fierce force of protection.

This increasing force and feminine embrace is rebalancing, and transformative.The energies of love,nurturance re awakening and renewal sees an on mass healing occurring at a frequency never before witnessed.

Perpetrators of unacceptable attacks on the feminine, are no longer safe. Degradation,abuse and suffering, whether in politics, economics, social ,religious, ecological and other systems, are under the “spotlight”

Within this strong alchemical rising, we are supported in all aspects of healing. Practising self nurture,self love, self compassion is especially encouraged so as individually and as a collective, we can move forward with ease, grace, and wisdom.

Along with this rebalancing  there is a liberation and many are re-gaining and rediscovering their voices and speaking their truth.

The Divine feminine, Love and Nurturance are finally ascending.

Together we are rising! Change is here and Karmic Justice is with us!

And so be it!

Big Love
Patricia Lucy

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Ascending together

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We are witness to and experiencing  planet earths re birthing-the emergence of the Divine Feminine

Re-Birth Worry and the Warrior

Hi Gorgeous and awesome one!!

I’ve Temporarily come out of my Spiritual cocoon to answer a few questions and shed some light into the profound angst and worry that is being presented to me at the moment.

We are going through a rebirth and therefore these times are confronting ,painful and exhausting. These times bring with them lack of clarity, confusion and general lack of unease and inability to see forward. Those of you who identified as Warriors of the Light may be identifying more as Worriers. Anxiety may be peaking while their is a general feeling of exhaustion and not wishing to move forward.

Firstly let us be reminded , if you cannot share light for others , then it is the time to shed light onto yourself. Now is our time for self study for self nurturing, for meditation,exercise, prayer, to listen to nice music, to deep breath, to go for bush walks….. this is the time to strengthen ourselves, our spirits. Now is our time to replenish ,to confront our demons, to clear the skeletons from the closets. No easy task, but do it with the knowing that with each shovel of rubbish that you remove,you make more room for the new light of regeneration to enter.

Self nurturing strengthens our mind, body and soul


Some handy points to remember

We are re birthing and at times the process seems increasingly slow and painful

Be aware that this re birth is a natural process and is needed so we may advance and lead healthier happier lives

Maintain the faith

We are not alone !
This upgrade and rebirth is occurring the world over .

Now’s the time to consciously focus on the positive

Take a deep breath in the knowing that these shifts are indeed improving us and our worlds

Don’t hesitate to speak with a counsellor, a friend, or a Spiritual advisor. Meanwhile get a new hairstyle , change wardrobe , go to a new class, ditch anybody you find energy consuming.Remember, these times are about you. About you re birthing to re emerge stronger and more beautiful than you already are!

Be KIND to YOURSELF! Congratulate yourself…..you are truely amazing and you are slowly developing into an even more beautiful and more powerful being.

I Look forward to seeing you meanwhile, I’m heading back into my cocoon! I need to
Re charge, re nourish, re nurture in preparation for my re birth and in preparation to seeing you all

We are getting ready to fly

Be kind to yourself

Heads up
I’m now accepting One on One healing sessions commencing mid November

Please ring or text for appointment
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Big Love🍃❤️

Happy nurturing
Patricia Lucy
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Self Soothe NOW!

Self Soothe NOW!

HI Gorgeous One,

It all seems to be happening at once. One moment we’re experiencing tragic news and feeling  down then the next we’re feeling fine! In this moment of conflicting energies. perhaps you’re experiencing lack of sleep or oversleep. Maybe you feel tired or exhausted ?

The current energies are tumultuous and extreme. All is at a high fever pitch and there is much contradiction and chaos. Many of us feel pummelled.While some people are caught in this energy cyclone and running with the chaos trying to avoid falling over, others are retreating.


Self soothing is replenishing. It is grounding and re-introduces equilibrium


In this chaos, you may feel as though you are going to break down. You will also notice that there are many obstacles which manifest . These obstacles manifest so as to assist you to s-l-o-w down. Take Note!

For those who have retreated you may start to notice that many around you are ungrounded. Meanwhile, you will also be aware that you are slowly coming out of your shell because you are more intuitive than you have realised. You may feel compelled to voice what you see. Remember to be diplomatic and do not hesitate to offer a lending hand to your fellow humans.Nows the time to use your voice!

Whichever camp you belong to, self soothing techniques are in order.
Self Soothing enables you to ground and gain equilibrium.

Listen to soothing sounds and soothing music


Self Soothing Techniques

  1. Slow down
  2. Spend time in nature- this is especially important
  3. Take time to be alone and be quiet
  4. Make a list of all for which you are grateful
  5. Now is the time to write a letter to your guides
  6. Engage in a creative project- example painting or swimming any activity which enables you to go into “the zone”
  7. Light a candle and focus on your breath
  8. Help others but be aware of your limits. Do not take on anything which you can’t easily off load . Stop assisting someone well before you feel burdened or anxious
  9. Factor in “me “time. Perhaps a bubble bath or a walk on the beach
  10. Listen to uplifting music
  11. Engage in Yoga, Tai-chi or other exercise -perhaps walk the dog or participate in voluntary work at an animal shelter
  12. Take time out for a refreshing Health drink or an aromatic tea
  13. Wear a lovely smelling scent and use incense in you home
  14. Reach out and talk to someone who understands you
  15. Have a massage
  16. Watch the clouds go by or read an uplifting book
  17. Take yourself to a gallery or a yet to be discovered cafe.
  18. What strategies work for you?

Aromatic teas offer a soothing reprieve


Self soothing better enables you to stay calm, grounded and remain on top In what is often a Topsy Turvey moment on planet earth.

Don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers 🙂


Love from me🦋
Patricia Lucy at🌈
Green leaves retreat
Sharing the journey 💥🌸🌿
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A Message from Spirit to all Light Workers

Dear lightworkers

We are all experiencing a multitude of energetic influences. Some of us may be experiencing it physically or intuitively others via the intellect.
In this crazy time we are all going through and feeling the transition into a higher frequency, the new earth. The earth as it should be. We are moving into an earth where there is abundance for all, where there is no conflict, where we all value one another’s freedom, where we value one another’s rights, where every country sees themselves as a nation and a tribe.

We are moving towards a more joyous world

While experiencing chaos you are also beginning to experience hope and possibilities,a new power. You know that you can be healthy and joyful, you know that you can manifest, you know that you’re able to assist others in finding their higher path even as you find your own.

These conflicting energies is the releasing of dense energies.As the frequency of mother Earth is heightening so these dense energies are arising and being expelled from the earth plane. Some of these dark energies have been embedded for centuries and are now being expelled.They are being released deep from within the earth and within ourselves. Consequently there is much discordant type energy which is occurring on our planet. Rest assured it is all part of the clearing process.

We are experiencing a “clearing out“

As light workers we are particularly sensitive to these dark energies and entities . These dark energies and entities are going around trying to hang onto violent narrowmindedness and shadow aspects. Overall remember that if you see any of the shadow aspects within yourself recognise that you to are healing. It may be painful, discomforting or confusing. Take a step back. Become aware of what’s going on and don’t get swallowed up by these negative moments that you observe arising. Remember part of the clearing means a lot of chaos is coming to the surface. Be patient with yourself be patient with others.

Maintain an open heart. Ask the Divine that you may see and feel the higher energies which are now on planet Earth. Ask the Divine to show you the existence of higher energies upon which the planet is now being formed. As you open up to the feeling, to the presence of the Divine, you will be lifted up and forward. You will be removed more so from the densities of this transition which are from the old world.

You are very powerful. The key to maintaining your equilibrium in these difficult times is spiritual work. It is invaluable and is the key to your calm.

Now is the time to give up the drama of your past life and move towards your own inner peace, within your heart centre,stay calm.

Once within your heart you will be reminded and will therefore remain confident that you are moving into a new and magnificent world . When you see, act ,feel and think from your heart you will see the signs of this new sacred world,these signs are all around you.

You are crossing into a new and beautiful world

Go forth with confidence for before you were born you chose this path. Your efforts are recognised and being rewarded. You are not alone and you are loved. You are perfectly where you are meant to be. You have chosen to be part of a most extraordinary and exciting change!

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat
We are always here to assist and are honoured to share the journey with you!