Re-Birth Worry and the Warrior

Hi Gorgeous and awesome one!!

I’ve Temporarily come out of my Spiritual cocoon to answer a few questions and shed some light into the profound angst and worry that is being presented to me at the moment.

We are going through a rebirth and therefore these times are confronting ,painful and exhausting. These times bring with them lack of clarity, confusion and general lack of unease and inability to see forward. Those of you who identified as Warriors of the Light may be identifying more as Worriers. Anxiety may be peaking while their is a general feeling of exhaustion and not wishing to move forward.

Firstly let us be reminded , if you cannot share light for others , then it is the time to shed light onto yourself. Now is our time for self study for self nurturing, for meditation,exercise, prayer, to listen to nice music, to deep breath, to go for bush walks….. this is the time to strengthen ourselves, our spirits. Now is our time to replenish ,to confront our demons, to clear the skeletons from the closets. No easy task, but do it with the knowing that with each shovel of rubbish that you remove,you make more room for the new light of regeneration to enter.

Self nurturing strengthens our mind, body and soul


Some handy points to remember

We are re birthing and at times the process seems increasingly slow and painful

Be aware that this re birth is a natural process and is needed so we may advance and lead healthier happier lives

Maintain the faith

We are not alone !
This upgrade and rebirth is occurring the world over .

Now’s the time to consciously focus on the positive

Take a deep breath in the knowing that these shifts are indeed improving us and our worlds

Don’t hesitate to speak with a counsellor, a friend, or a Spiritual advisor. Meanwhile get a new hairstyle , change wardrobe , go to a new class, ditch anybody you find energy consuming.Remember, these times are about you. About you re birthing to re emerge stronger and more beautiful than you already are!

Be KIND to YOURSELF! Congratulate yourself… are truely amazing and you are slowly developing into an even more beautiful and more powerful being.

I Look forward to seeing you meanwhile, I’m heading back into my cocoon! I need to
Re charge, re nourish, re nurture in preparation for my re birth and in preparation to seeing you all

We are getting ready to fly
Be kind to yourself

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Big Love🍃❤️

Happy nurturing
Patricia Lucy
Sharing the journey

Self Soothe NOW!

Self Soothe NOW!

HI Gorgeous One,

It all seems to be happening at once. One moment we’re experiencing tragic news and feeling  down then the next we’re feeling fine! In this moment of conflicting energies. perhaps you’re experiencing lack of sleep or oversleep. Maybe you feel tired or exhausted ?

The current energies are tumultuous and extreme. All is at a high fever pitch and there is much contradiction and chaos. Many of us feel pummelled.While some people are caught in this energy cyclone and running with the chaos trying to avoid falling over, others are retreating.


Self soothing is replenishing. It is grounding and re-introduces equilibrium


In this chaos, you may feel as though you are going to break down. You will also notice that there are many obstacles which manifest . These obstacles manifest so as to assist you to s-l-o-w down. Take Note!

For those who have retreated you may start to notice that many around you are ungrounded. Meanwhile, you will also be aware that you are slowly coming out of your shell because you are more intuitive than you have realised. You may feel compelled to voice what you see. Remember to be diplomatic and do not hesitate to offer a lending hand to your fellow humans.Nows the time to use your voice!

Whichever camp you belong to, self soothing techniques are in order.
Self Soothing enables you to ground and gain equilibrium.

Listen to soothing sounds and soothing music


Self Soothing Techniques

  1. Slow down
  2. Spend time in nature- this is especially important
  3. Take time to be alone and be quiet
  4. Make a list of all for which you are grateful
  5. Now is the time to write a letter to your guides
  6. Engage in a creative project- example painting or swimming any activity which enables you to go into “the zone”
  7. Light a candle and focus on your breath
  8. Help others but be aware of your limits. Do not take on anything which you can’t easily off load . Stop assisting someone well before you feel burdened or anxious
  9. Factor in “me “time. Perhaps a bubble bath or a walk on the beach
  10. Listen to uplifting music
  11. Engage in Yoga, Tai-chi or other exercise -perhaps walk the dog or participate in voluntary work at an animal shelter
  12. Take time out for a refreshing Health drink or an aromatic tea
  13. Wear a lovely smelling scent and use incense in you home
  14. Reach out and talk to someone who understands you
  15. Have a massage
  16. Watch the clouds go by or read an uplifting book
  17. Take yourself to a gallery or a yet to be discovered cafe.
  18. What strategies work for you?
Aromatic teas offer a soothing reprieve


Self soothing better enables you to stay calm, grounded and remain on top In what is often a Topsy Turvey moment on planet earth.

Don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers 🙂


Love from me🦋
Patricia Lucy at🌈
Green leaves retreat
Sharing the journey 💥🌸🌿
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A Message from Spirit to all Light Workers

Dear lightworkers

We are all experiencing a multitude of energetic influences. Some of us may be experiencing it physically or intuitively others via the intellect.
In this crazy time we are all going through and feeling the transition into a higher frequency, the new earth. The earth as it should be. We are moving into an earth where there is abundance for all, where there is no conflict, where we all value one another’s freedom, where we value one another’s rights, where every country sees themselves as a nation and a tribe.

We are moving towards a more joyous world

While experiencing chaos you are also beginning to experience hope and possibilities,a new power. You know that you can be healthy and joyful, you know that you can manifest, you know that you’re able to assist others in finding their higher path even as you find your own.

These conflicting energies is the releasing of dense energies.As the frequency of mother Earth is heightening so these dense energies are arising and being expelled from the earth plane. Some of these dark energies have been embedded for centuries and are now being expelled.They are being released deep from within the earth and within ourselves. Consequently there is much discordant type energy which is occurring on our planet. Rest assured it is all part of the clearing process.

We are experiencing a “clearing out“

As light workers we are particularly sensitive to these dark energies and entities . These dark energies and entities are going around trying to hang onto violent narrowmindedness and shadow aspects. Overall remember that if you see any of the shadow aspects within yourself recognise that you to are healing. It may be painful, discomforting or confusing. Take a step back. Become aware of what’s going on and don’t get swallowed up by these negative moments that you observe arising. Remember part of the clearing means a lot of chaos is coming to the surface. Be patient with yourself be patient with others.

Maintain an open heart. Ask the Divine that you may see and feel the higher energies which are now on planet Earth. Ask the Divine to show you the existence of higher energies upon which the planet is now being formed. As you open up to the feeling, to the presence of the Divine, you will be lifted up and forward. You will be removed more so from the densities of this transition which are from the old world.

You are very powerful. The key to maintaining your equilibrium in these difficult times is spiritual work. It is invaluable and is the key to your calm.

Now is the time to give up the drama of your past life and move towards your own inner peace, within your heart centre,stay calm.

Once within your heart you will be reminded and will therefore remain confident that you are moving into a new and magnificent world . When you see, act ,feel and think from your heart you will see the signs of this new sacred world,these signs are all around you.

You are crossing into a new and beautiful world

Go forth with confidence for before you were born you chose this path. Your efforts are recognised and being rewarded. You are not alone and you are loved. You are perfectly where you are meant to be. You have chosen to be part of a most extraordinary and exciting change!

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat
We are always here to assist and are honoured to share the journey with you!





Pets, Our Teachers and Guides!

Pets -Our Teachers and Guides!

I’ve always had pets and I couldn’t imagine life without them. To date I’ve shared my life with dogs,cats,rats,birds,fish,chickens,a ferret,a lizard,a Joey and for a while I also had pet ants and a couple of big bull ants,Larry and Carrie.

I had a Joey called Locky!

Animals have an amazing intuition and are capable of seeing and hearing things which elude me. Often when I’ve come out of meditation Zac my white fluffy Schnoodle, will intently get up and suddenly follow someone or something.At other times, he sitswhile his fixated eyes dart around my body.His head moves up and down following what I cant see.

Initially curious I decided to take photos and sure enough there they were! Orbs orbs and more orbs! The more pics I took the more I understood that these orbs had been travelling around me. Wow! Not only did Zac’s eyes intently follow “them’ round the room but Zac was also engaging in comunication.He”d let out a llittle sigh or bark as he playfully ran playing with an invisible someone or  something. Suddenly Zac would lower his back legs and was ready for a ball throw. At these times its not been unusual to watch him lick the “ air” for many minutes at a time as though he’s licking someone’s hand!

Pets are perfect companions

Pets carry with them a  lot of positive energy and are always up for some fun and games. If your household energy is a bit stagnant or ungrounded, a pet may well be the answer but remember, pets deserve to always be appreciated and treated with the utmost respect, after all,they are our Spirit Guides and Teachers.

Below is a list of some of
the life lessons pets and animals teach us:

1.unconditional love
2.Being present
5.importance of regular exercise
6.Accepting yourself as you are
7.Importance of sleep
8.Importance of play
10.importance of Loyalty & trust

Friends relaxing and hanging out.

Having had pets my entire life I can say with absolute confidence that animals and pets are gifts sent from the heavens.They are here to share,bless and embellish our journeys.As our Guides and Teachers they are on earth to teach us how to become better human beings.

Much love love love to all the pets and animals!

Patricia Lucy
Green Leaves retreat
Sharing the Journey



A Prayer

Dear Angels and beings of light,

I beseech you, I call upon you to send me clarity, to help me understand the ways of the world via the heart. I say via the heart because I know that my thoughts get in the way. I know that these thoughts are contaminated by beliefs wishes and other forms of indoctrination which I have learnt.

A client gives gratitude as his burning prayer wafts up to the heavens

I ask to feel the love which I know exists all around me. If my heart was more open to receiving this love , I would be able to access it and thereby fill the void. I know that LOVE is sustaining and enables me to grow and flourish.

Sacred Fire & prayers at Green Leaves Retreat

I pray that anxiety and stress does not control me and that my emotion is predominantly one of peace and love. For I know that anxiety and stress is an unnecessary block and a heavy weight. It not only negatively impacts on my perceptions and behaviours but also manifests as dis -ease and pain within my physical body.

I pray that I maintain focus on what is important and that this focus will assist me to reach my highest potential here on planet Earth..

I pray that my spiritual work raises my vibrational frequency and attracts to me “like minded” souls. Souls that are nourishing and healing beings of light so that together we become a huge beacon Light. Together we are able to illuminate and support each other while assisting and illuminating all those with whom we come into contact.

Enjoying a home cooked meal at the “ essential steps to inner peace” workshop at GL Retreat

Please inform me when to expand and to contract. When I contract I do so because I am needing spiritual maintenance and only after working on myself am I able to step forth and expand, offering myself as a conduit for the healing of others.

Only after working on myself can I step forth and assist others”

May I be conscious of inhaling and exhaling the breath of the Divine. Let me be reminded that we are constantly supported on our light journey because we alike you are light.
Much love to the spirits and beings who presented themselves for this prayer manifestation.

This blessed light image of an eye manifested on the walls at GLR after a prayer session


Patricia Lucy


What Is Our Life Purpose?

So here we are on planet Earth . We are all on different journeys, we are all unique.We have our own experiences,thoughts,beliefs and ways of seeing. We are also at different stages on our life path and yet,we are all here together and we are all learning. At this point in time, some of us are learning patience, other’s kindness, some of us are learning to be more compassionate while others are gaining insight. Perhaps you’re learning discipline or self love.At this moment what are you learning? What obstacles are you experiencing or do you see?

We need obstacles.Obstacles are vehicles for learning and present us with the gift of Spiritual evolution. Our Spiritual evolution provides our way forward and prepares us for our future. Every obstacle and all difficulty therefore is an opportunity to empower us. If however we do not comprehend this opportunity or if we do not learn from this experience, the universe will ensure that our learning experience is repeated.

Model yourself on those you admire. Their success exists because it can be achieved. Who do you admire? How does this person inspire you? What beliefs do you think they have about themselves and about the world ? What sort of hopes might they have and what sort of actions do they undertake?

You are a being of endless possibilities and potentials. Self reflect, learn meditate,help and love yourself, help and love others,try to be understanding. By doing so, you will discover your infinite potential and possibilities.

As you travel along the road of life,different life experiences will offer discoveries and each discovery offers you a life purpose . You too can live in hope and joy and make the world a better place.Remember, as long as you do your spiritual work, you will always evolve and know you are never alone.

So your life purpose? Your life purpose is to Love yourself, Love others and leave the world in a better shape than the way you found it. This can be achieved by Spiritual development.
Now, go, enjoy the journey :-))

Patricia Lucy 🌈
Green Leaves Retreat
Sharing the journey is my passion!

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Tourist at Home

I love being a tourist at home. I don’t have to pack my bags, I don’t have to think about the exchange rate ,I don’t have to grapple with any taxi drivers or foreign tongues.I can be totally independent and drive myself anywhere or catch any form of public transport all without a hitch.

As a local tourist its wonderful  to aimlessly walk-around baggage free and its always so exciting discovering new coffee shops. Unlike holidays away from home,I can be accompanied by my trusty companion Zac ! See image below 🙂

Ahhh! The bliss of chilling out while reading and being entertained. Nature walks, caves to explore, rocks to climb and platforms to view out standings scenery’s. Or perhaps it’s a day to hang out by the beach and listen to the waves crash on the shore while contemplating life. This scenario can quite easily be followed by a relaxing massage. Why not complete the evening with fish and chips? No one  wants to cook dinner when their on holidays.

On the Central Coast we really and truly are spoilt for choice and everything is so close! One moment we’re’ on a country drive looking at scarecrows, the next we stand by a lake. Back in the car and 20 minutes on wards we’re watching a movie! After the movie we decide a little walk by the waterfall would be a perfect ending to a lovely day!

Like all tourists ,if you haven’t done any prior research and you”re stuck on what to do, you can always consult a tourist information Centre !

Tourist Centres have a comprehensive list of the latest “what’s on” and happenings in the local and extended environs. From markets, shopping villages, art Galleries, Live entertainment, scenic drives, hotels,mountains,Beaches, Lakes, bushwalks, theatre, places to eat and Gardens to visit. “But wait there’s more…..

Your guide to the central coast, formally the Central Coast imag is edited by the fabulous Klara Kaye. Packed with up-to-date events and deals.Your Guide Central Coast showcases some of the gems accessible to us “tourists” Whether it be hot shopping locations,Wednesdays Ladies night with free wines or free crafted beer tastings, birthday sales or restaurant reviews. If you’re serious about a good holiday, this little mag is a must have!

Ahhhh I’m tuckered ! After seeing an exhibition at the local library, and going for a drive up north, checking some cute seaside villages and driving through some amazing national parks Id have to sayI’ve had a very very enjoyable holiday today.

Life is for living and every day is a holiday. Keep your airfare farein your pockets and simply pack the right attitude. It’s fail safe!

Enjoy, I know you will.

Much Love

Trish- Lucy 🌈

Green Leaves Retreat
Enjoying life together

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Gratitude in Difficult Times

Green Leaves Retreat

Gratitude enables us to focus on the positive and in return the positives around us are magnified. The more grateful we are the more things we find to be grateful about. But what if I’m going through a hard time, does that mean I’m further drawing negatives towards myself?

How does one maintain and optimistic outlook and one of gratitude when things just don’t seem to be going right? In the midst of a heartbreak, illness or disaster we can be very reluctant to say “ oh yes, thank you for this serious illness” or Thank you for my broken leg, or the loss of my job, or a car breakdown or a broken friendship….

In times of difficulty it can be very hard and some may say impossible to see the value of the our circumstances and situation. It is through retrospect, that we look back and able to see the value of what it is that we had experienced . Perhaps an accident or illness created an enforced period which offered us time to self reflect so we could create a new life direction. It may have been that the circumstances were such that involved a family get together, creating a possibility for re unification. Or that your broken heart from a broken relationship lead you to your soul mate.

In times of need, distress, discomfort, confusion, pain, loss of clarity, unhappiness, broken heartedness, uneasiness or any other disturbance, we need to make a conscious decision to move away from our current state and decide that the time has arrived for us to get rid of our fears and troubles and to move towards the future.We need to reach out and ask for help . By doing so we move towards healing and speeding up our evolution.

Transformation is the outcome of gratefully accepting life’s curveballs.In times of difficulty when we are unlikely to be feeling grateful, it’s very important to be aware of our thoughts. It’s important to ensure that we are perceiving life from a positive view point. In situations which are beyond our control,try to see the lesson in what is occurring. A handy strategy is to place yourself in a future situation where you are looking back to the present day. Ask  yourself – “What am I learning and what is the value of this experience to my life.?

As humans we experience high times and low times. At all times try and remain cool. Dont say “ this shouldn’t be happening to me “ but rather Know that everything that occurs is for your highest good. Be spiritually receptive. Don’t say “no”.Say okay let’s go!!

Remember it is via your meditation,prayer and your gratitude which leads to you living your highest life.

I love you and am on earth for you
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Patricia Lucy🌈

Green Leaves Retreat
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Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

There are many sacred places on planet earth. Some with biblical significance such as Jerusalem or Lourdes in France. Saudi Arabia has Mecca, while The Ganges river and the Mahabodhi Temple are Sacred in India. Australia has The Rock – Uluru in Kata Tjuta National Park and Egypt has Mt Sinai. This list, alike the list of miracles which occur in Brazil,are endless.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

In a little village called Abadiânia in Brazil resides what some call the largest healing centre on planet Earth. Here the celebrated healing medium, John of God, has dedicated his life.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Main Street in Abadiania

As a healing medium, John Of God offers his body as a conduit for healing and miracles. Does this mean that everybody who comes to Abadiania heals? No, it does however mean that many of those who come to heal although perhaps not cured, say they experience an overwhelming sense of inner peace and  self -acceptance. These seekers say these characteristics were absent prior to coming to Abadiânia, to the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola.

Alicia Lyford is one of those seekers. Alicia  was cured of stage four ovarian cancer. As such she has now become an Abadiania guide. Alicia shares some of her experiences, and miracles.

“Three weeks before I arrived here, there was a lady who needed an urgent liver transplant, that liver transplant was clearly needed a lot more urgently than anticipated. Now this beautiful lady goes to bed and wakes in the morning to find her shirt has a lot of blood on it 😱

She lifts up her shirt and underneath there is scarring, it is very clear an operation has occurred. She then is confused and goes to the entity to ask what has happened.

The entity proceeds to tell this lady that her liver transplant was needed straight away. He then tells her the name and age of her nephew who had recently passed away. He explained that her nephew had donated his liver, from the spirit world.

Yes you did read that correctly…..a liver transplant from the other side.

This beautiful woman is now completely healed 🙏

How is this possible and how can something like this occur in your room as you’re sleeping? I can’t answer that, all I can say is that it can and how incredible is that!!!

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

I have been speaking to some of my beautiful friends who are Casa guides, they speak of healings that have occurred to people in their groups.

One lady woke up frantic as she thought her contacts had gone behind her eyes. Medical assistance was sought, however, there were no contacts behind her eyes and without her contacts she could barely see……and now? Yes you guessed it, she can see completely fine 😇

Another lady in my dear friends group had breast cancer that she was unaware of!!! She woke one morning to find scars around her breast and her breast was very inflamed. She was taken to the entity to ask what had happened. He explained she had breast cancer and that it had now been removed. A medical examination showed that an operation had been performed. Her life was saved without her even realising she was sick 🙏

Casa is so incredible that no words will ever truly be able to describe this phenomenal and powerful healing sanctuary.

May these stories help you and others you may know, to trust, to have faith and to realise there is something so much greater than us and that miracles do truly occur. So no matter what you are going through, when you are feeling lost, alone or desperately needing help, read this again and remember to always remain in faith, love and gratitude. Remember you are never alone and the spirit world is always there to support you 🙏🙏”

Alicia Lyford

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Flower on the path to the sacred waterfall

I’m writing to you here from Abadiânia in Brazil. I’ve just returned from the sacred waterfall. I’m feeling Light and overflowing with peace and Life Purpose.

My first visit to Abadiania was 8 years ago. It was then that Spirit instructed me to refocus my attention from Teaching and Counselling and to redirect my energies into working as a Healing Medium. Consequently I founded The House of Light, a Spiritual and Healing Centre in Sydney. 2 years ago after another visit to Abadiania and more profound Spiritual evolution, I once again followed thru with the Spirits and Entities of Lights directive. I was instructed to go to the Central Coast, to Wyoming and open a Retreat. I have done so. The outcome is Green Leaves Retreat, the Centre for Personal and Spiritual Change.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Green Leaves Retreat – Wyoming

Since my first visit to Abadiania, the good Spirits, beings of Light, Entities, Energies, Angels and Saints have accompanied me on my life journey. They are constantly with me. They are always present and ready to assist all who seek. I am humbled and honoured to be of service.

Give yourself a chance! Come nourish your Spirit, your Soul. Gain clarity, peace, joy, abundance and life purpose. At Green Leaves Retreat we understand the journey and welcome you with open arms!

I love you and look forward to being of service…
Much love, gratitude and light, from me who’s back in Wyoming!
Patricia Lucy
Green Leaves Retreat
Sharing the journey
Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Abadiania sunset from the meditation deck

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P.S. Alicia Lyford takes her next group to Abadiânia in October 2018. For more info contact Alicia on 0400912974.


Watch Those Thoughts!

We all have thoughts and wise use of our thoughst can mean the difference between a happy or bad day.In fact, our thoughts are so powerful that they dictate whether or not we lead a fulfilled and content life!

Ourselves and everything around us is made of energy and, although many things appear solid, at a deeper level all things are made of minute particles which when broken down are just pure energy. Ourselves and all within and around us form part of this greater energy field.



All energy vibrates at different speeds with different qualities and  densities.For example thought is a relatively fine light form of energy and is easy and quick to change whereas matter is relatively dense compact energy and therefore slower to move and change.

To create, we first have the thought then we have it’s manifestation. For example , when you want a vegemite sandwich you have the image and then off you go to create the sandwich. It is the creation of the thought which magnetises and guides your physical energy to manifest your desire on the physical plane.

Simply maintaining a thought in your mind will attract and create on the physical plane. This is a universal law and principal best explained as “as you sow, so you shall reap” This means that our energy flows towards what we think about and whatever your energy flows towards that’s what grows. 

Healthy or unhealthy, whether your energy is flowing towards what’s good or bad for you, your energy does not discriminate -your energy simply follows the law of creating -that is the image which is created by you -and held in your mind.

With the knowledge that our thoughts magnetise particular outcomes it is therefore imperative to assess and re-evaluate our thoughts regularly. Are my thoughts positive? Do I have a healthy belief system? Are the perceptions I have of myself useful to me in my daily life?

To have a profound understanding of this energetic law is akin to holding the golden key to a life of liberation and manifestation. You have it! You have the power. Use it wisely!


Patricia Lucy

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