The New Age Is Here

The New Age Is Here

We are living in exciting times, in a time where we together make up the New Age.



We are on adventure of personal and Spiritual learning and discovery. Every day on planet Earth ourselves and others are awakening. Everyday we gain more knowledge, understanding realisations and experiences.

Together and one by one we are realising that there is more to life than we can see, there is more to life than the third dimension.


Now we are comprehending that we are no longer limited by what we think but rather that it is via our feelings that joy, harmony and progress become possible. We are also beginning to see that it is through the raising of our vibrations which leads to our improved lives and positively impacts upon the lives of others.


Regardless of whether we use candles, incense, meditation, body work, drums, pendulums, essential oils, sound, tarot, or any other tools, what matters is that we are achieving higher understanding and wisdom. What matters is that we are transcending our limitations and not only improving our lives but contributing towards the greater whole on planet earth and beyond.

There are many ways of raising our vibration or energy frequency.

  1. Be aware of your thoughts ( focus on the positive)
  2. Have Gratitude
  3. Eat whole foods
  4. Drink water
  5. Exercise
  6. Love yourself and others

By walking together and helping one another, we raise the universal vibration and amplify our light. Enjoy!


With profound Love to you from me

Patricia Lucy
Green Leaves Retreat
Centre for Personal & Spiritual Development
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Love Thyself

Love Thyself



There is no relationship greater than the relationship you have with yourself and with spirit.
When we come to recognise we are spirit we commence our alignment. When we are aligned, our relationships change.Everything improves. Our relationship with ourselves,our bodies
money, partner, family friends , people we work with, our interactions in the world transform.

As we’ve been so concerned about pleasing others and what they think, we have come to believe that to adopt our own thoughts and feelings is selfish.

Often we have lost sight of our way,our own guidance and with misery in our hearts we realise we have finally lost ourselves.Why? Because we have become further and further separated from who we truely are.

Great!! So now what?



Firstly we need to become aware that controlling of others or of external conditions is not the key to feeling better.Inevitably trying to change others instead of controlling our thoughts creates confusion, distortion and unnecessary suffering.This premise for change is fundamentally flawed.



Stick with me :-)) It’s not about changing circumstances so that your observation of them would make you feel good but rather, to self control the direction of your perception and thoughts. So, what exactly does that mean? It means changing ourselves.



When we change ourselves everything changes with us. This is the law of the universe.



Improving ourselves is intricately intwined with self love. To many of us,the theory of Self Love sounds right and perfect however how do we go about putting self-love into practice? Self Love is more than having the occasional manicure and pedicure, self-love is directly connected with nourishing and nurturing our soul..



Here at Green Leaves Retreat, we specialise in nourishing and nurturing souls.How? We guide towards self-love. In so doing, we contribute towards positive changes not only for the individuals but towards lighting up the greater whole.

See You Soon!

We love you!

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Hints of Winter

Hints of Winter
I suppose there’s not that many hints given that winter is well and truely here but, it’s these sunny days which keep me feeling that we haven’t quiet arrived.
I’m loving the crisp air and that need to bring my shoulders in closer as my hands plunge deeper into my pockets.

Inhaling the cool air there’s that tingling chill which makes my eyes water and when I exhale, I love looking at my misty breath. As a child, with each “out breath”, Id make believe I was an adult smoking a cigarette. At other times I’d play chasing with my brother and sister and we’d take turns at being the fire breathing dragon.Today, watching the exhaled condensation Is a simple thrill, and one which reminds me that I’m well and truely alive !

I come up to this mountain to forest bathe. This intimate communion with nature always rebalances and recharges me. It’s a reminder that all’s well in my world.

As I continue to Inhale and exhale I notice the warm sun rays kissing my back and highlighting the lush green surrounds.This is accompanied by  a freshness .Im transfixed as a watch the slow rolling mist blanketing everything. I now stand in a dreamy and surreal landscape.

The rain hasent quiet settled in and it’s almost like weve been given little reminders that all of nature is slowing down, slowly coming to a halt cocooning itself ready to snuggle up to nurture and replenish.

A chorus of kookaburras start laughing and the plants seem happy and content as they bob up and down in the slight breeze.
With the change of season so comes the need for wardrobe re arrangement. All the summer clothing which is easily accessible on the bottom of the wardrobe has to be moved up to make room for the winter clothes.
With this re arranging I’m already anticipating what I’m going to find! I know I’m going to discover “ lots of clothing. Oh I forgot about this ! , “oh what was I thinking when I brought that? Oh look this dress still has its labels! I don’t think I’ll ever wear this one ! Wow this was such a bargain, how could I have resisted? “ Why did I buy this, its huge or why did I buy this one, it’s far too small?”

Preparing for winter means there are many jobs. I’ll need a number of boxes to get the clothes organised then,  Ill have to  buy supplies of fire wood for the furnace oh wait, oh no! I’ll also need to replace the broken glass in the furnace door! Guess I’ll need to research where I can buy that!

In one of the healing sessions, we were deep in meditation when suddenly there was a sharp crunch followed by a whipping sound. When the client left I discovered a huge crack across the furnace door. Yes, releasing of energy can do this . It was reminencent of a session I had in Sydney where I was left with billions and billions of tiny shards of glass from a once present glass table. Well at least this time I wont have to literally clean it up in shovel fulls !!
Ok so, back to the wardrobe re arrangement. Nows the time to make some resolutions .

I promise to buy only clothes that fit and I  promise I will wear them within the  first few months of purchase.
And Im going to make a super dupper special note to myself that once that new glass door goes into the furnace I will  encircle the furnace with an invisible shatter proof ring of protection.
Now I’m off to organise and donate those beautiful new clothes  which Ive packed away in those boxes . I always feel so good when I give to Charity. Dont  you?
Book a visit so we can indulge in a big steamy mug of coco and watch the logs burn!
Love You
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Are we living life the way we want to live?

Are we living life the way we want to live?

Do you find that you consent or are swayed by others suggestions? Do you let people tell you what to do? Is this how you live your life? You have your own ideas, your own beliefs, your own likes and dislikes yet, somehow, others and their opinions seem to have a mysterious hold over you – dictating how you should live.


Has conforming seen us loose our true selves?

Look at your career, your life style, what you wear, what you eat, what you think. Who are your friends? Is this how you want to dress ? How you wish to wear your hair? How you want to talk, walk, or are you living your life for others ? Could it be perhaps that you are attempting to be accepted or that maybe part of you has just given up because to pursue your own plans could mean failure , or could it be that by changing you would meet with too much opposition and therefore,its easier to give in ? Have you been following the crowd and lost who you truely are?
We are social beings and as such we experience an enormous amount of pressure to conform. Sometimes we repress what we wish to say or do so that we may fit in with the status quo . This process of self oppression is soul destroying.

The moment for self reflection has arrived!

To free yourself,every morning and evening ask yourself the questions below.

[Think deeply and write down your answers.This is an important part of the self reflection process because writing enables you to remain focused.
Continue asking yourself these daily questions until you are satisfied that you’re answering truthfully and that you are being brutally honest. Its important to feel that your answers are coming from deep within.]

What does your heart desire?


*What makes my heart sing?

*What have I always wanted to do but not yet done?

*If I knew there was no failure, resistance or opposition what would I do?

Do not to judge or analyse the responses.


*How can I go about achieving these changes?

*What small steps can I begin today? Example do I need to collect brochures, do a Google search, make calls?

*Follow thru with small practical steps

The Following day ask yourself the same questions as above and again ask *what small steps can I undertake today to achieve my goals? Again follow thru with small practical steps.

Self reflection reduces a life of contradiction

On a daily basis ask yourself the questions and everyday undertake an action towards your goals.Once you begin this process you will find that with each re visit of the questions, your own resistances will slowly reduce.

Live a life with Joy… because you can!

Be aware of any old mental patterns which are restricting who you truly are and restricting how you want to live. Replace any negative dialogues with positive dialogues.
Eg: “I’m too old to change job”( negative thought – replace with positive thought)
“I can change jobs and my experience is valuable”

Stay focused on your end goals.
Be grateful for your past successes.
Know you can change yourself and your circumstances.

Continue in the direction towards your goal and in so doing you have started to liberate yourself,living a life you love , living the life you want to live.

Love YOU


Green Leaves Retreat
Helping people achieve their goals.
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You can do this!

“We Are One!…..Are We?

“We Are One!…..Are We?
With globolization, our cultural boundaries have broadened. We”ve gained insight, become more conscious of global unity, and we are generally more accepting and better able to communicate with one another. But, sometimes communication can be fickle. Just when you think you’ve gotten your point across, sitting before you is a steak instead of a herbal camomile infusion! How could the message have been so lost in translation?

We often hear espoused “we are one” but is this simply a nice concept or are we really making advances in becoming a one world nation , a “ we are one world”?

Bitcoin – a new currency
The universal language of Esperanto, a universal language is testimony to our desire to unite via communication. It seemed like a brilliant idea.After its inception in the late 1800s we then saw a Esperanto resurge in the 70s and 80s. Today however, besides the die hard “Esperanties” who attend yearly gatherings,the universal language of Esperanto  doesn’t really appear to have taken off.

Then we had the introduction of the Euro currency. Besides what was perceived as the economic benefits, the Euro is once again our testimony to our desire and attempts at being and feeling connected and unified.


Communication via Skype -technology continues to be at the forefront of bringing us together 

While technology continues to be at the forefront of bringing us together-(think sype , video chats, sms, emails, Instagram Snap Chat etcetera…) we have been introduced to a “ technological currency,” the Bitcoin. This is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system which was created to assist us in our individual and global purchase transactions. It is our digital currency designed to accompany us into the cyber world! So, is Bitcoin providing us with that sense of being closer together? Have we achieved the “ we are one “ catch cry?

Besides technology , Bitcoin, Esperanto, The Euro ,what the majority of us humans have in common is the awareness that we live in a world with war, violence, famine and the knowing that we need to perform a 360 turn to avoid spiralling down and imploding.This raised consciousness has created a steady move towards self elevation -ourselves and our worlds .

Light Workers Unite

We are one ! Why ? Because we are all Spirits inhabiting a human body form.And although there have been great advances for global unification via currency, language and technology, the biggest advances have come with our raised consciousness.

The more we get in touch with our spirits the more we recognise the spirit in others. It is then we experience that there is no gender, race,class or any other human made divisions. We begin to focus on similarities not differences. At this point in the journey, our spiritual work elevates us and in turn, we elevate and illuminate others and the world around us. We are one! Getting there is the journey!

Illuminate yourself and you illuminate the world
Sending you Love

Sending you Light

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat
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Helping you get in touch with your light Xxxxxxxx

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Is everyone in the world having more fun than you?

Do you ever feel as though everyone in the world is having more fun than you? You open your Facebook and you slide across,scroll down, look left, look right change profiles visit another profile,go to Instagram , Snapchat ..It just doesn’t matter where you look does it? There are people smiling everywhere!

It’s funny isn’t it? Because even when we take a selfie or when we’re photographed, we automatically smile. It doesn’t matter whether we feel bad or good or just had a disagreement, as soon as we see a camera we take on the “ we are so happy“ look. For that split second, any misery that exists temporarily vanishes. We freeze- pose -‘click’ and its all over. We return to our original mood and continue with what we were doing.
So why is it that although we’re ‘armed’ with this “ camera smile knowledge” that we still have the feeling that everyone in the world is having more fun than we are? Are those “smiling photos” somehow indoctrinating our common sense?
With the advances in technology, so appears to be the creation of another reality, a reality which is often incompatible with our everyday worlds.In this cyber world photos of others lead us to believe that a large majority of humans on this planet are having an enormous amount of fun! Their photos tell us that their in-love, happy, on holidays or about to embark on an amazing adventure. Everyone is engaged, or at their wedding, at a party, pouting, wearing the latest in designer clothes, everyone is gorgeous and everyone,everywhere looks like a model and their all having the time
of their lives! Everyone in the whole world, that is, except you!

Engaging with social media is an activity which is often done alone. We are often sitting quietly on a bus or at home or bored and filling in time.
But we forget this and we forget about that ‘automatic camera smile’ instead,
we start comparing ourselves to the automatic camera smiles and lives of others. This comparison inevitably leads to a sense that your life is not as fulfilling as everyone else’s and so commences the ‘wish list.’
 I wish I had a partner, I wish I was having more fun, I wish I was happier, I wish I had more friends, I wish I was single, I wish wasn’t lonely, I wish….I wish …I wish I had what she has, I wish I was doing what he’s doing, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish my life was more exciting, I wish I was skinnier,I wish I had more friends, I wish I had a boyfriend, I wish I had more money, a new car, a new dog, a new house, and so on. By this stage of the wishing process we may feel quite depressed and distressed feeling that we are living a life in deficit.

Quite often people embark on a social media diet. This involves avoiding or restricting their interaction on social media. These people have cited that these diets enable them to reclaim their lives, to re-focus on themselves thereby avoiding negatives such as anxiety and depression which are a direct consequences of comparing themselves with others.
We are living in a world where technology is an integral part of our lives. As such, we need to adopt healthy ways of interacting on social media. Often a Reality Check is the perfect preventive and anecdote.
  1. People have a natural aversion to documenting the mundane and you rarely see their life outside of social media
  2. We all engage in the ‘ automatic camera smile’

Re number 1 above, their probably viewing your pics wishing they were you and had your life!


Re number 2 above, if we lived as though we are always being photographed we’d always have a smile. Studies prove that smiling for a sustained period of time improves our mood!


Love you and

I look forward to seeing you soon

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat

Helping you regain and retain your smile

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A smile is recognised the world over

“In My Opinion”

In my opinion…….

One of the things I’m most passionate about is my work. My work at Green Leaves Retreat is to help people gain joy,happiness,peace,love,abundance and meaning in their lives. My aim is to help others enrich their lives .For me,there is no greater joy than to assist another on their journey towards evolution, contentment and abundance. My work is my passion.

I do engage in other activities. I like travelling, meeting people,painting, sculpting mucking around on musical instruments, I also like dancing and am a writer at heart but nothing is quite as humbling or gives me that deep sense of truely living as my ability to help another.

Green Leaves Retreat helping people celebrate life

With every booking, I’m 100% confident that the participant will be assisted in their personal and Spiritual evolution. I know this because I am the conduit via which The Divine accesses my client thereby meeting their needs. And although it is helpful if the client does believe in spirituality it is not a pre-requisite.

P.Lucy accompanies you on your journey

Every healing session involves the setting of intentions,this assists with sharpening the focus of what we truely need and desire. We also engage in guided meditations, discussions offering life clarity and the releasing of our intentions via the ritual of sacred fire burning. Each session concludes with aromatic teas, wholemeal cookies and discussion. It is then we discuss the way forward and the documentation of a personal script is formed based on the useful tools and strategies which manifested durning the healing session. The daily implementation of this personal Spiritual script reinforces healings, goal achievement and evolution. The sharing of these powerful tools is a wonderful gift and the clients always walk away more joyful, peaceful with clarity and feeling empowered.

One reason for my passion to help others is because throughout my life, I’ve often felt there was no one there to help me. At times my feelings have been so intense that the bridge between myself and reaching out was eternal.

Today I am deeply and profoundly humbled that with Spirit in my heart I am able to accompany others to cross that bridge. It is a deep honour to share this sacred journey, it is a deep honour to share this sacred wisdom. My work is humbling, and I participate with the deepest of gratitude. For me there is no greater gift than helping another.

Green Leaves Retreat
Helping people find their joy and abundance




Profound love to you

Patricia Lucy


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When You’re in LOVE That’s All There Is

Green Leaves Retreat

I’ve just come back from overseas and all I can say is, while away, every single day, my excitement intensified! It intensified for my return back home! Why? Because I’m in Love with the Central Coast!

Yes, the holiday was a break, and yes it did afford an opportunity to self reflect, and to become familiar with other customs and traditions.

Green Leaves Retreat

I learnt a couple of choice words in a new language. “ Good morning, good evening, how are you, please, thank you, where is”….I learnt to bow at just the correct angle and to control any facial expressions which may give insight into any emotion other than joy or neutrality.

Green Leaves Retreat

I was adventurous and tried some food that I would never try at home and rubbed shoulders with exciting people. I also made some wonderful friendships. So what happened to the “SHEBANG”??

Green Leaves Retreat

Okay so why didn’t my holiday thrill me? I’ve looked at all options. Could I be over patriotic? Or lacking in gratitude? Or perhaps I’m just simply spoilt?

Green Leaves Retreat

I decided as an Australian and particularly as a Coastie, that I am in fact super spoilt! It is without a skerrick of a doubt that I believe the Central Coast is probably one of the most undiscovered and magnificent jewels on planet Earth!

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, I know I have but, for me, being away was yet another reminder and reinforcer of my conviction and belief that is, that here on the Coast, We live in heaven!!

Was the holiday a waste of time? No absolutely not, but how fortunate we are to live in Australia !

I’m originally from Sydney and  its about a year and a half ago that Spirit directed me to “Wyoming”I thought they wanted me to go to America! Luckily it was Wyoming on the Central Coast!  I didn’t want to leave family, friends and familiar environments and step into the unknown but My intuition took over.  In an emotionally detached yet elected state, I was uprooted  over night.  I had no idea where Wyoming was or why  I was being sent.
 I arrived in Wyoming and as though on automatic pilot, I set up the Spiritual and Healing Centre Green Leaves Retreat.

Green Leaves Retreat

Located in a lush green valley, surrounded by banana and lemon trees it truely is a magnificent high frequency haven to chill out. With Mount Elliot a few minutes behind, a small mall down the road, a great coffee shop, an amazing theatre, cockies, bush turkeys, turtles, bird song, I’m so soooooo in love! I guess there’s another reason and in fact the true reason. No one ever wants to be away from their one true love! How fortunate we are!

Green Leaves Retreat

Look forward to meeting you and sharing the gifts.







The Central Coast


P.S. Lightworkers Unite! Sunday Spiritual Nourishment is on this Sunday 29th April 2018 at Green Leaves Retreat. Come Love, Nourish, Flourish with us, click here for more information and to book!

P.P.S. The next Workshop at Green Leaves Retreat is on Saturday 5th May 2018 – click here for more information and to book.

Express Yourself

Green Leaves Retreat

Madonna has been singing it for years! Express yourself!

Madonna - Express Yourself music video still

She was certainly onto something! Expressing ourselves has an infinite list of benefits.

Like meditation, creativity and expressing ourselves puts us in “the zone”.

Green Leaves Retreat
Image of Frida Kahlo, who used painting to get in “the zone” and thereby manage her pain. This Painting is in a Gosford Cafe. Painter unknown

Whether we indulge in painting sculpture, dancing, weaving, or any other creative activity, we are engaging our non-intellect or the right side of the brain. In so doing, we are rewarded with peace, contentment, and a “chilled” and calm state.

Green Leaves Retreat
“The Persistence of Memory” – Painting by Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali. Dali is the father of the Surrealist Movement. He depicted dream states.

Creativity allows us to express who we truly are. It is an act of sharing our voices, our thoughts, feelings, our authentic selves. Putting ourselves “out there” is self empowering and confidence building.

Green Leaves Retreat

Akin to dreaming, expressing oneself in play and creativity enables the intellectual or mathematical part of the brain to rest. In this state we are free from the burden of worry and are open and receptive to new ideas. Meanwhile, in this calming and therapeutic state the brain is integrating deeper issues. How handy! No wonder we “return” deeply satisfied!

Free from the burden of worry, we are also open and receptive to new ideas. Play is also calming, therapeutic and deeply satisfying.

Our best teachers of play and creativity are children.They have no interest in the end product or outcome! When playing, they are truly free and happy because they are fully submerged and captivated in the moment. Unlike adults, children intuitively know it’s about the journey, the process and where adults are full of judgements – “this is right, this is wrong, it should look like this and not that”, children are free from this angst, have no interest in the end product and can simply be present playing and creating for hours.

Green Leaves Retreat

Expressing oneself is nourishing and nurturing to the soul and when children are “over it”, they’re “over it”. You know they’ve reached their satiation point as it’s often accompanied by a big sigh, smile then discarding their creations in the bin!

As I look for my paint brushes and tubes of paint, I’ll leave you with a quote from the world renowned designer and architect Charles Eames.

“Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are the prelude to serious ideas.”

Woot Woot I’m off to express myself!

Chat later!


Good Luck

I Love You


Patricia Lucy

Raising the Frequency

Green Leaves Retreat

When we spiritually maintain ourselves, we renew our spirits. Without spiritual renewal we physically break down, we burn out. Why? Because we are more than our physical, we are spirits living in the physical body.

Let’s use the analogy of a car.

Green Leaves Retreat

We fill up our gas tanks regularly, but do we regularly nourish our souls?

Green Leaves Retreat

With little or no petrol, a car begins to wear down and deteriorate, it slowly becomes damaged as it grinds to a halt.

Green Leaves Retreat

Now, imagine you are the car and the petrol is the spirit. Without Spiritual Nourishment, we continue pushing ourselves and in doing so, we develop all sorts of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Inevitably we, like a car, also break down and burn out.

Green Leaves Retreat

Sometimes those cars are towed away, never to be seen again!

For those who say they haven’t got time for meditation, it’s these very people who need spiritual renewal the most. Why? Because their comment reflects an attitude which offers insight into where their energy is being directed. It’s an indication that their energy is being  directed on the external while the internal world is being overlooked.The petrol, their sustenance, their spirit self is being ignored. Placing all their energy on the outside will inevitably lead to decline in the physical mental and spiritual – a decline in life quality.

1 year and 3 months ago spirit sent me to the Coast to set up Green Leaves Retreat. During this time I’ve been involved in renovations, meeting people, developing beautiful friendships, establishing a Spiritial presence and basically rebuilding my life. Now, the time has arrived for me to regroup, to take time out, to undertake some intense work in profound spiritual renewal. Although I work on my spiritual renewal daily, I know it’s time to do a complete Spiritual overhaul! In keeping with this realisation, I was sent the most precious of gifts!

Green Leaves Retreat
Patricia Lucy (left) with Alicia Lyford (right) at the Forest of Tranquility, Ourimbah NSW


A series of circumstances found me uniting with another Divine healing channel! Alicia Lyford is a spiritual and medical intuitive. Alicia flew down from the Gold Coast to visit me at Green Leaves Retreat.

Green Leaves Retreat
Alicia Lyford, preparing the space at Green Leaves Retreat prior to clients arrival


Our days together were full and profoundly nourishing. We laughed, cried, conducted sacred healing sessions with clients, we presented at the Forest of Tranquility, held a film night, and generally focused on assisting and healing each other to be and become the best versions of ourselves. Now Alicia has left and my energy and the energy at Green Leaves Retreat reflects the intense uplifts and shifts. With an elevated frequency, the harmony and crystalline vibrational frequency is even higher and more harmonic! What a blessed union!

Green Leaves Retreat
The wonderful John of God in “A Quest To Heal – Beyond The Physical” at the Film Night, Green Leaves Retreat


Spiritual renewal is the only way for me to evolve and advance. It’s the only way for me to reach my highest potential. It’s the only way for me to continue my work as a healing channel.My calling to assist others to gain life meaning, joy and abundance requires me to be in tip top form. Nothing less will do.

Green Leaves Retreat

The super rejuvenated, renewed, refreshed, happier, more joyful me looks forward to living as a clearer Channel, helping myself, all beings and planet earth to live in peace,joy health and abundance.

Remember to fill up your tanks and enjoy the journey!




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includes vegetarian home cooked meal,munchies,aromatic teas in a friendly nurturing and progressive environment. “ 5 star learning in a 5 star venue. Satisfaction guaranteed!” Mary Anne Keller Australian Womens Forum 2018

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