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Hello Beautiful Ones,

As I sit here chilling out and sipping on my extra hot aromatic tea, I look out at the lush greenery. The Rosellas are playing in the trees and the cockatoos are squawking and fluttering. I take a deep s-l-o-w breath and realise how lucky I am.

Both my parents are alive and although my mum is considerably younger than my dad, today my dad is turning 94! Yes seriously!

Green Leaves Retreat
Happy 94th Birthday dad and “hi” gorgeous mum!

So what’s the secret to longevity? I’ve conducted research on centenarians and although my dad is not quite a centenarian, 94 is pretty well up there!

Not only is dad fortunate to have mum by his side but he’s also lucky that his social circle is predominantly made up of his siblings. His sisters and brothers range in age from their early eighties to early 90s! They have wonderful get-togethers with much laughter and storytelling of days gone by!

So what are some of the common denominators between those who live to a ripe old age?

Research highlights the following:

  1. Challenge yourself
  2. Have good friends
  3. Be active both physically and mentally
  4. Be aware of what you consume and the amount you consume. Do not eat fatty, sugared or processed foods.
  5. Know what you are exposing yourself to – television, music, people, newspapers and so on have a positive or negative effect on you.
  6. Maintain Self-discipline to implement and reinforce the points above
  7. Be grateful
  8. Have a life purpose

Older people recognise the importance of going with the flow and not engaging in negativity. It’s about enjoyment, in short, it’s about LOVE.

To love life, love your network of family and friends, love your work, love being active, love,love, love…..when you truly love you gain happiness, meaning, joy, abundance and nourishment.

And so now that we have the secret recipe for a long and happy life let’s get to it!

Meanwhile, Green Leaves Retreat is here for you so that you too may lead a long, loving and happy life. Find your passion, find your life purpose, your balance, clarity, gain nourishment, and be re-energised! Now is the time to check out our Services page!


Cant wait to meet you!

Patricia Lucy


Green Leaves Retreat


Love Nourish Flourish

Today Tomorrow Always

It’s been another exciting week!

Green Leaves Retreat

Hey beautiful souls,

It’s been another exciting week!

We’ve had the kick off of the first “Lightworkers Unite” gathering, another successful “Get What You Need Out of Life” Workshop and of course, the launch of the first Green Vine newsletter! It’s been 7 days of kicking goals! Woot! Woot!

On Sunday we launched the first “Lightworkers Unite” gathering and on Saturday we had yet another successful “Get What You Need Out of Life” Workshop. And just when we thought we couldn’t fly any higher, the week has seen us receive a steady stream of positive feedback about the first Green Vine Newsletter! Yayyyy!

Sundays Spiritual Nourishment was a beautiful gathering of Lightworkers Uniting. We immersed ourselves in guided meditation, soulful conversations, shared pearls of wisdom, drank aromatic teas and had tasty nibbles.With a strong sense of oneness as we stood at the sacred fire burning our intentions, we were  totally re-energerised,renewed and revitalised.

It’s always so humbling to welcome other Lightworkers to Green Leaves Retreat! You beautiful spirits spend so much of your lives helping and assisting others. What a blessing it is to know that Green Leaves Retreat offers you a reprieve by making it all about YOU, what YOU need – and what YOU desire. Ahhhhh what a sign of relief! It was beautiful to see you walk out refreshed, with a kick in your step and with refreshed energy, ready to take on the week, truly inspiring!

Meanwhile as I write, I’m in a chocolate recovery mode. And not for the obvious reasons.

A lovely person at the cafe gifted me a chocolate Easter Egg! “Truly, an Easter Egg already?”, I hear you say. Anyway, on Automatic Pilot, I gave thanks and then popped the chocolate egg into my bag. This was a no-brainer. I just love chocolate and I was keeping it for Ron (later–Ron!).

As with the value of retrospect it became obvious that “popping” the chocolate into my bag was not the best action for me to undertake! It’s 38 °C and yes, you guessed it, the chocolate egg melted everywhere. Everything in my bag was coated in chocolate! My purse, loose coins, in every crevice of my phone and just to make it all more exciting, I was wearing white clothing!! Unbeknownst to me I even helped with the chocolate smearing process! Ohhhhh noooo!

Hmmmmm- what did I learn from this experience?

I’ve learnt not to accept chocolate from strangers …no only joking ….I’ve learnt to be grateful that it wasn’t a bar of chocolate and that my clothes, coins, makeup can be washed, and I’m thankful that my bag is small and lined! I’m thankful that I was able to wipe my phone. I’m also thankful that the chocolate didn’t get into my hair, I am thankful that I had a tap nearby, thankful that I have a home so I could go back and clean up, thankful that I have a washing machine, thankful that I was gifted the chocolate, thankful that it was a really hot day because it meant that my handbag dried out in literally a number of minutes and finally, I’m thankful that it occurred. Why? Because now I have been able to share with you how I’ve changed something which would normally be perceived as a Negative into a Positive!!

Green Leaves Retreat
Handbag recovering after the wash

So, this experience identifies that our thoughts dictate our perceptions and our moods. It therefore makes lots of sense to become aware of your thoughts and when something that you don’t like occurs, “Flip It”, make it positive.

Now I’m in an awesome mood!


Thanks for “listening” and the moral of the tale? Don’t save your chocolate for Ron!

Much love

Check out the soul-nourishing happenings here on our website:

Our next “Get What You Need Out of Life” Workshop is on Saturday 3 March 2018. Book before 28 February for 10% off with code GET10SUMMER!

Green Leaves Retreat

Lightworkers Unite! Every Sunday at 4:00 pm till 5:30 pm.

Lightworkers Unite at Green Leaves Retreat


See you soon!

Love Love Love

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat



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Welcome to the Green Vine

Green Leaves Retreat

Hi gorgeous souls

Welcome to 2018 and the first Green Vine newsletter!

It’s been a year and a few months since Spirit uprooted me from my familiar surrounds and propelled me into the paradise known as the Central Coast.

Overnight, I left family, friends, and my successful Spiritual and Healing Centre in Sydney! It took a number of months to comprehend the enormity of what I had done. I followed my heart, took a leap of faith, left everything and came to an area which I thought only existed in America. Here I knew no one. Here in Wyoming, I started all over again!

As time went on I realised more and more that this location is beyond perfection. Green Leaves Retreat is in a lush green valley and every morning I wake up to birdsong! The bus stop is on the corner and the beautiful mountain is five minutes up the road. I’m constantly being reminded that I’m surrounded by miracles and that my relocation is a direct consequence of Divine intervention and guidance.

Green Leaves Retreat represents a year of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. But voila, the fruits of my labour can be shared, with you!!

Green Leaves Retreat

I can officially say that Green Leaves Retreat is finally developing a presence. The last three workshops have sold out and referrals are happening via word of mouth! Wow, this is totally humbling.

Green Leaves Retreat

This new year has also seen me qualify as a true Coastie!

I’ve received my first wasp bite on my hand and my first bluebottle sting behind my right knee! Ouch! Tell you the truth, I didn’t quite know the why behind either of them nor what to do about the stinging!

On both occasions I rang the chemist for enlightenment! Thankfully this also came with the psychological relief of knowing the “what” it was and “how” to get rid of the sting.

At Green Leaves Retreat, all Services are pre booked, so you could imagine my surprise at the unexpected drop in guest.

Green Leaves Retreat

Being a city girl I realise how naive I can be. I wasn’t quite sure what this drop in guest was. In fact, I thought it may have been an albino bush turkey! I excitedly took photographs and sent them to one of my country friends. He was able to identify it as an adolescent bantam hen. He suggested that the hen had probably escaped from a nearby neighbour but, I didn’t know anyone with hens. I wasn’t sure if I should bring this hen inside after all, I didn’t want any harm to come to it. My country friend assured me that the hen would be okay outdoors. He also told me that I could pick it up. I didn’t do that because I was too scared. I gave my new guest food and water and watched with excitement as it pecked-away. I was happy to see it was still there in the evening…but,a bit sad the next day. I couldn’t find it. I just hoped it was okay and it hadn’t been attacked by anything.

I’m totally enchanted by the Central Coast, by all its natural beauty and by all the wonderful Coasties.

Green Leaves Retreat

I feel honoured and privileged to be here and I can’t wait to meet you all.

Many blessings and much love.


Events at Green Leaves Retreat

“Get What You Need” Workshops

Join us for our next Workshop on Saturday 17 February 2018! Click here to learn more and RSVP to the next “Get What You Need” Workshop. We also have “Get What You Need” Workshops running on 3 March and 17 March!

Get What You Need Workshops at Green Leaves Retreat

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Offer valid till end of February 2018.

Lightworkers Unite! Sunday Spiritual Nourishment

We also have regular Sunday Spiritual Nourishment at Green Leaves Retreat.

Lightworkers Unite at Green Leaves Retreat

Sharing wisdom and spiritual nourishment, Lightworkers gather at Green Leaves Retreat to unite, energise, share, love, nourish and flourish.

Sundays 4:00pm – 5:30 pm at Green Leaves Retreat for guided meditation, sacred fire, chat, aromatic tea, and nibbles. Now only $25. Book now for Lightworkers Unite!


May you

love nourish and flourish

today tomorrow and always

Love Patricia Lucy


Green Leaves Retreat