Bring On The Rain

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Ahhh what a reprieve! After the scorching hot days of summer, this morning greets me with a heavy rain! The bamboo branches gracefully arch weighted heavily by the raindrops while the golden cane seem excited and alert standing tall hungrily absorbing every drop of their H2O.

Green Leaves Retreat

I’m loving it! Rain is so refreshing. The birds are happily flying low whistling and singing “wet my feathers wet my beak, and we’ll sing you a song, we’ll make your week”. Everything seems to come to life in the rain-and I’m so pleased for the frogs!

When there’s no rain, the frogs are not happily croaking, in fact, there are no frog sounds at all. So, in a dry spell, where do the frogs go?

Recently I found a frog in my bathroom that was a first for me. Using a clear container I was able to catch the poor little thing. I looked at the frog and noted its brownish and dark green colours – hmmm they didn’t look quite right. But then I figured I didn’t really know what a healthy frog looked like. The frog was carefully and steadily carried outside and slowly I lowered the container placing it in the garden.

Green Leaves Retreat

In retrospect I realised that the poor little fella didn’t look so well because it was probably dying of thirst! It had come looking for water! With this realisation I began to lament whether or not the frog was still alive. Ohhh I got sad :-((  I wished I’d had this realisation earlier Then I would have showered the frog with water. Then, I began thinking further…” oh no …It would’ve taken ages for the poor little frog to find its way into the bathroom and finally having arrived at its destination all parched and frail then I scooped it up and returned to its starting point. What had I done”!?

The next day I placed a little dish filled with water outside in the garden. I had hoped that the little frog and its friends would come and avail themselves of the opportunity I’d just created.

Green Leaves Retreat

Today the little water container is overflowing and I haven’t seen or heard any frogs for awhile. Who knows what’s happening with these little creatures.

Enjoy the glorious rains. I’m off to indulge my spirit. I’m going to light more candles, put on some Chillax music, get into some meditation then wait for the rains to cease and watch the plants flourish. After all, just like us humans, all living things great and small need to Nourish before they can Flourish!

Green Leaves Retreat

Much love


See you soon!

Love Love Love

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat


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