Colours Vibrate Your World

Don’t you just love colour?

I’ve always loved colour and I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by how colour can affect our moods.

How would it be to experience a life where we couldn’t see colour or could only see the world in black-and-white?

Apparently colour blindness is more common in males than females. There is also a partial colour blindness condition and those with partial colour blindness often don’t realise until they’re in their adult years!

How lucky are the majority of us who can see the magnificence of colour and revel in its benefits!

Green Leaves Retreat
Fill your days with colour

A bit about wonderful colours!

Did you know….

Was considered a stately colour reserved for the religious or royalty. The dye to make the purple colour was prohibitively expensive, hence worn only by those with money.

Is considered to be a colour of action and arousal. If you want to turn your partner on, wear red.

The throat chakra is blue. To encourage speech or support your voice, wear blue around your neck. It is the colour of the sky and sea and promotes loyalty.

Green Leaves Retreat
Blue is the colour of the throat chakra, the sky, water and loyalty

Is a bit of a hipster colour, considered to be slimming and elegant but can be successfully worn by anyone. The depth of the colour means it absorbs light which makes it a heat catcher. The intensity of the colour has historically seen it as popular  funeral wear.

Many consider white to be a non-colour because it is devoid of colours. It is thus considered pure. Opposite to black, it is reflective, that is, not absorbent to light, hence it keeps you cool. The colour white is thought by many to lift your moods.

Green Leaves Retreat

Reflects the light and is mood enhancing. Yellow is a happy colour.

Cool, refreshing and rejuvenating, green is equated with Mother Nature and oxygen. Like going for a walk in nature, green, the colour of the heart chakra is soothing to the mind, body and soul.

Pastel colours are often used for their therapeutic and calming benefit. Whereas,
orange, like red, is considered bold and stimulating to the appetite.

Next time you get dressed or decide to paint your walls or decorate your room, what colours will you choose to bask in?

Have a colourful week.

See you soon
Patricia Lucy

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