Distractions and the Art of Focus

How common is it for you to settle down to concentrate on a task, only to be distracted? You receive a text message, the phone rings, you have to check your Facebook or twitter. You discover your best friend is having an amazing time while you’re stuck in the office. You then realise you have twenty emails that you must respond to immediately… and then…

Distraction often leads to incomplete projects, frustration, missed deadlines and if left unaddressed, can lead to lowered self esteem. Well, fear not, there are many tools and techniques which can assist with maintaining focus and getting you to where you want to be!

1. Before commencing any activity which needs focus, ‘unplug’! Unplug, disconnect, turn off notifications or put on silent anything which distracts you. If you need to check emails, but need to do an activity which requires your full concentration, decide to only check emails every few hours.

2. List your overall aims, why you wish to achieve them and how you will achieve them. This not only focuses your mind but allows you to readjust and make any necessary changes.

3. Create a weekly plan. Make a list for each day and what you wish to achieve. Re-visit and re-arrange priorities in order of importance.

4. Break down your goals into smaller steps. Tick off goals as they are achieved. This gives you a sense of achievement and motivates you towards your greater goal.

5. Factor in short breaks. Our brains are designed to work efficiently for a certain length of time. Give yourself lots of breaks, have a healthy snack, go for a short walk. By taking a break, you are resetting your brain and improving your concentration.

6. Reward yourself. When you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve, reward yourself. Give yourself some ‘Me’ time. Take yourself out to your favourite coffee shop or engage in a pleasurable activity. You deserve it!

Focus takes practice and it’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it. Enjoy the process!!

Big hugs ❤️
Patricia Lucy

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