Divine Love

Divine love is different to all other loves. It is love from the divine and involves worship and devotion.

Divine love is the highest universal energy force. Some believe the source is God, while others may consider it to be the Universe, Goddess, Mother Earth or whatever energy source they deem to be divine and sacred.

The more attuned we are with the divine the more capable we are of positively impacting upon our lives and the lives of others. Prayers, rituals, and all forms of devotion, and gratitude when integrated into our daily lives, strengthen us physically, mentally and spiritually, equipping us for our life journeys while rendering us as more capable beings.

To consolidate divine love into our daily lives is to liberate ourselves from the mundane. This ultimate energy directs you towards actions, thoughts and feelings which give us life meaning, joy and purpose.

On planet earth, everyone has a unique role. To discover our reason for being here, we need to take care of and to love ourselves. By engaging with divine love via prayer, gratitude, meditation, mindfulness, sharing, helping others, being kind, patient, smiling and having the intent of love, gives us contentment and peace, making us more capable of contributing ideas, inspiration and being helpful and useful to others.

By forgiving ourselves and others, we develop an expansive perspective and spirit which frees us from daily burdens and from “sweating the small stuff”. Seeing the bigger picture also offers us insights and knowing, while ensuring we are more capable of living to our ultimate potential.

Celebrating differences means not to judge others. We live in a world where no two people are alike. Whether it be having an opinion on how others dress, they’re hair, their gender, the food people eat or their choice of music. Our preconceived ideas and judgements prevents us from understanding, this  blocks the divine energy from coming through.

Be generous in mind and spirit. Share with others. Whether it be via your goodwill or with tangible items such as food or money, life experience or ideas. We are all abundant and we have much to share.

Remember you are greater than you think and, with regular worship and devotion, you will be greater than you can possibly imagine.

In peace and joy
Patricia Lucy ❤️❤️❤️

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