Express Yourself

Madonna has been singing it for years! Express yourself!

Madonna - Express Yourself music video still

She was certainly onto something! Expressing ourselves has an infinite list of benefits.

Like meditation, creativity and expressing ourselves puts us in “the zone”.

Green Leaves Retreat
Image of Frida Kahlo, who used painting to get in “the zone” and thereby manage her pain. This Painting is in a Gosford Cafe. Painter unknown

Whether we indulge in painting sculpture, dancing, weaving, or any other creative activity, we are engaging our non-intellect or the right side of the brain. In so doing, we are rewarded with peace, contentment, and a “chilled” and calm state.

Green Leaves Retreat
“The Persistence of Memory” – Painting by Surrealist Artist Salvador Dali. Dali is the father of the Surrealist Movement. He depicted dream states.

Creativity allows us to express who we truly are. It is an act of sharing our voices, our thoughts, feelings, our authentic selves. Putting ourselves “out there” is self empowering and confidence building.

Green Leaves Retreat

Akin to dreaming, expressing oneself in play and creativity enables the intellectual or mathematical part of the brain to rest. In this state we are free from the burden of worry and are open and receptive to new ideas. Meanwhile, in this calming and therapeutic state the brain is integrating deeper issues. How handy! No wonder we “return” deeply satisfied!

Free from the burden of worry, we are also open and receptive to new ideas. Play is also calming, therapeutic and deeply satisfying.

Our best teachers of play and creativity are children.They have no interest in the end product or outcome! When playing, they are truly free and happy because they are fully submerged and captivated in the moment. Unlike adults, children intuitively know it’s about the journey, the process and where adults are full of judgements – “this is right, this is wrong, it should look like this and not that”, children are free from this angst, have no interest in the end product and can simply be present playing and creating for hours.

Green Leaves Retreat

Expressing oneself is nourishing and nurturing to the soul and when children are “over it”, they’re “over it”. You know they’ve reached their satiation point as it’s often accompanied by a big sigh, smile then discarding their creations in the bin!

As I look for my paint brushes and tubes of paint, I’ll leave you with a quote from the world renowned designer and architect Charles Eames.

“Toys are not really as innocent as they look. Toys and games are the prelude to serious ideas.”

Woot Woot I’m off to express myself!

Chat later!


Good Luck

I Love You


Patricia Lucy