What is a Spiritual Healing Medium?

Patricia Lucy is a conduit for pure Divine energy. Some call this energy The Source, some call it Universal Wisdom others call it God, Godess, Angels or Spirits.Whatever the term used, the energy is associated with a profound feeling of Love and, is present to assist and accompany you on your journey of life and healing.

How do you become a conduit?

Sitting with you, I simply open my heart and allow the magnificent Divine energy to saturate my being. This healing energy is constantly present for you as we follow through with the process ie: guided meditation, workshops…

Who Benefits From The Services Provided At Green Leaves Retreat?

All participants gain great benefits which also positively impact on their family and friends.

Clients are those who

Wish for a life of;

    • Joy & Abundance
    • More peace and meaning
    • Greater clarity
    • Greater balance
    • More confidence

Or Aspire to;

    • become a better person
    • reduce anxiety
    • gain insight into themselves and the world
    • wish to acquire a useful toolkit of strategies for daily life, or
    • “chillax” while learning and growing in a nurturing welcoming, lush and supportive environment
    • Green Leaves Retreat is here for you.

( Many of the Services are age inclusive )

Is Green Leaves Retreat a Resort?

No Green Leaves is a Retreat. At Green Leaves, the emphasis is on the journey within.

Guests arrive at Green Leaves to take time out from their hectic lives to re assess and look at the bigger picture.

We engage in activities of Personal and Spiritual Development so we can lead more productive and meaningful lives.

Is Green Leaves Retreat Religious or Political?


Does Green Leaves Retreat have any affiliations with Religions, Politics, products or organisations?

Green Leaves Retreat is available for Space Hire to other healing modalities but, we are not affiliated with those or any other groups or organizations.

Are there any Preparatory Recommendations?

    • wear white or light coloured clothing
    • bring a bottle of water
    • ensure you will not be engaging in heavy work over the following few days
    • if arriving by car please park on the street
    • should you require a complimentary pick up from Gosford station, please inform of travel details
    • shower. This is especially important if you’re undertaking the Retreat. When taking a shower, set your intentions ” I am ridding myself of what no longer serves me. I am embarking on a journey of love and nourishment”.

Are there any Post Attendance recommendations?


    • over the next 24 hours please drink a minimum of two litres of water
    • avoid heavy or strenuous activity
    • follow through with Script recommendations


Green Leaves Retreat has two entry points. Mid way as you descend, there will be a sign at the first door. The sign will indicate whether to enter or continue to the second door which is at the end of the drive and right at the cabana.

For enquiries please go to the Contact page