“In My Opinion”

In my opinion…….

One of the things I’m most passionate about is my work. My work at Green Leaves Retreat is to help people gain joy,happiness,peace,love,abundance and meaning in their lives. My aim is to help others enrich their lives .For me,there is no greater joy than to assist another on their journey towards evolution, contentment and abundance. My work is my passion.

I do engage in other activities. I like travelling, meeting people,painting, sculpting mucking around on musical instruments, I also like dancing and am a writer at heart but nothing is quite as humbling or gives me that deep sense of truely living as my ability to help another.

Green Leaves Retreat helping people celebrate life

With every booking, I’m 100% confident that the participant will be assisted in their personal and Spiritual evolution. I know this because I am the conduit via which The Divine accesses my client thereby meeting their needs. And although it is helpful if the client does believe in spirituality it is not a pre-requisite.

P.Lucy accompanies you on your journey

Every healing session involves the setting of intentions,this assists with sharpening the focus of what we truely need and desire. We also engage in guided meditations, discussions offering life clarity and the releasing of our intentions via the ritual of sacred fire burning. Each session concludes with aromatic teas, wholemeal cookies and discussion. It is then we discuss the way forward and the documentation of a personal script is formed based on the useful tools and strategies which manifested durning the healing session. The daily implementation of this personal Spiritual script reinforces healings, goal achievement and evolution. The sharing of these powerful tools is a wonderful gift and the clients always walk away more joyful, peaceful with clarity and feeling empowered.

One reason for my passion to help others is because throughout my life, I’ve often felt there was no one there to help me. At times my feelings have been so intense that the bridge between myself and reaching out was eternal.

Today I am deeply and profoundly humbled that with Spirit in my heart I am able to accompany others to cross that bridge. It is a deep honour to share this sacred journey, it is a deep honour to share this sacred wisdom. My work is humbling, and I participate with the deepest of gratitude. For me there is no greater gift than helping another.

Green Leaves Retreat
Helping people find their joy and abundance




Profound love to you

Patricia Lucy


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