Is everyone in the world having more fun than you?

Do you ever feel as though everyone in the world is having more fun than you? You open your Facebook and you slide across,scroll down, look left, look right change profiles visit another profile,go to Instagram , Snapchat ..It just doesn’t matter where you look does it? There are people smiling everywhere!

It’s funny isn’t it? Because even when we take a selfie or when we’re photographed, we automatically smile. It doesn’t matter whether we feel bad or good or just had a disagreement, as soon as we see a camera we take on the “ we are so happy“ look. For that split second, any misery that exists temporarily vanishes. We freeze- pose -‘click’ and its all over. We return to our original mood and continue with what we were doing.
So why is it that although we’re ‘armed’ with this “ camera smile knowledge” that we still have the feeling that everyone in the world is having more fun than we are? Are those “smiling photos” somehow indoctrinating our common sense?
With the advances in technology, so appears to be the creation of another reality, a reality which is often incompatible with our everyday worlds.In this cyber world photos of others lead us to believe that a large majority of humans on this planet are having an enormous amount of fun! Their photos tell us that their in-love, happy, on holidays or about to embark on an amazing adventure. Everyone is engaged, or at their wedding, at a party, pouting, wearing the latest in designer clothes, everyone is gorgeous and everyone,everywhere looks like a model and their all having the time
of their lives! Everyone in the whole world, that is, except you!

Engaging with social media is an activity which is often done alone. We are often sitting quietly on a bus or at home or bored and filling in time.
But we forget this and we forget about that ‘automatic camera smile’ instead,
we start comparing ourselves to the automatic camera smiles and lives of others. This comparison inevitably leads to a sense that your life is not as fulfilling as everyone else’s and so commences the ‘wish list.’
 I wish I had a partner, I wish I was having more fun, I wish I was happier, I wish I had more friends, I wish I was single, I wish wasn’t lonely, I wish….I wish …I wish I had what she has, I wish I was doing what he’s doing, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish my life was more exciting, I wish I was skinnier,I wish I had more friends, I wish I had a boyfriend, I wish I had more money, a new car, a new dog, a new house, and so on. By this stage of the wishing process we may feel quite depressed and distressed feeling that we are living a life in deficit.

Quite often people embark on a social media diet. This involves avoiding or restricting their interaction on social media. These people have cited that these diets enable them to reclaim their lives, to re-focus on themselves thereby avoiding negatives such as anxiety and depression which are a direct consequences of comparing themselves with others.
We are living in a world where technology is an integral part of our lives. As such, we need to adopt healthy ways of interacting on social media. Often a Reality Check is the perfect preventive and anecdote.
  1. People have a natural aversion to documenting the mundane and you rarely see their life outside of social media
  2. We all engage in the ‘ automatic camera smile’

Re number 1 above, their probably viewing your pics wishing they were you and had your life!


Re number 2 above, if we lived as though we are always being photographed we’d always have a smile. Studies prove that smiling for a sustained period of time improves our mood!


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