Love Thyself

Love Thyself



There is no relationship greater than the relationship you have with yourself and with spirit.
When we come to recognise we are spirit we commence our alignment. When we are aligned, our relationships change.Everything improves. Our relationship with ourselves,our bodies
money, partner, family friends , people we work with, our interactions in the world transform.

As we’ve been so concerned about pleasing others and what they think, we have come to believe that to adopt our own thoughts and feelings is selfish.

Often we have lost sight of our way,our own guidance and with misery in our hearts we realise we have finally lost ourselves.Why? Because we have become further and further separated from who we truely are.

Great!! So now what?



Firstly we need to become aware that controlling of others or of external conditions is not the key to feeling better.Inevitably trying to change others instead of controlling our thoughts creates confusion, distortion and unnecessary suffering.This premise for change is fundamentally flawed.



Stick with me :-)) It’s not about changing circumstances so that your observation of them would make you feel good but rather, to self control the direction of your perception and thoughts. So, what exactly does that mean? It means changing ourselves.



When we change ourselves everything changes with us. This is the law of the universe.



Improving ourselves is intricately intwined with self love. To many of us,the theory of Self Love sounds right and perfect however how do we go about putting self-love into practice? Self Love is more than having the occasional manicure and pedicure, self-love is directly connected with nourishing and nurturing our soul..



Here at Green Leaves Retreat, we specialise in nourishing and nurturing souls.How? We guide towards self-love. In so doing, we contribute towards positive changes not only for the individuals but towards lighting up the greater whole.

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