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Hello Beautiful Ones,

As I sit here chilling out and sipping on my extra hot aromatic tea, I look out at the lush greenery. The Rosellas are playing in the trees and the cockatoos are squawking and fluttering. I take a deep s-l-o-w breath and realise how lucky I am.

Both my parents are alive and although my mum is considerably younger than my dad, today my dad is turning 94! Yes seriously!

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Happy 94th Birthday dad and “hi” gorgeous mum!

So what’s the secret to longevity? I’ve conducted research on centenarians and although my dad is not quite a centenarian, 94 is pretty well up there!

Not only is dad fortunate to have mum by his side but he’s also lucky that his social circle is predominantly made up of his siblings. His sisters and brothers range in age from their early eighties to early 90s! They have wonderful get-togethers with much laughter and storytelling of days gone by!

So what are some of the common denominators between those who live to a ripe old age?

Research highlights the following:

  1. Challenge yourself
  2. Have good friends
  3. Be active both physically and mentally
  4. Be aware of what you consume and the amount you consume. Do not eat fatty, sugared or processed foods.
  5. Know what you are exposing yourself to – television, music, people, newspapers and so on have a positive or negative effect on you.
  6. Maintain Self-discipline to implement and reinforce the points above
  7. Be grateful
  8. Have a life purpose

Older people recognise the importance of going with the flow and not engaging in negativity. It’s about enjoyment, in short, it’s about LOVE.

To love life, love your network of family and friends, love your work, love being active, love,love, love…..when you truly love you gain happiness, meaning, joy, abundance and nourishment.

And so now that we have the secret recipe for a long and happy life let’s get to it!

Meanwhile, Green Leaves Retreat is here for you so that you too may lead a long, loving and happy life. Find your passion, find your life purpose, your balance, clarity, gain nourishment, and be re-energised! Now is the time to check out our Services page!


Cant wait to meet you!

Patricia Lucy


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