Nurture Your Brain

Our brains, such a major and significant organ plays a major role in our well being yet, their often ignored and neglected. By investing in some simple strategies, we can immediately and positively impact on our brain health. Let’s act now!

Cherish your sleep! Sleep enables us to integrate our thoughts, memories and optimises our learning. Disrupted, sleep interferes with healthy development, can weaken our immune systems and lead to illness.

Engaging socially leads to slower cognitive decline and reduces the possibility of Alzheimer’s. Therefore it’s important to stay connected with family and friends rather than limiting yourself to social media.

Challenging your brain is to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Education, or activities which involve challenge, novelty and learning, changes brain chemistry. Taking up a new hobby, learning a musical instrument, socialising with new people, discovering new places, any endeavour which moves you into a new field will flex your brain muscle and assist you to live to your ultimate potential.

Although stress can enhance memory, too much stress will impair your memory and like little stress can lead to depression and boredom. Find your personal stress level where you are stimulated, challenged but not overwhelmed.

Our hearts and brains are closely linked. Our brains need a reliable supply of oxygen and nutrients which are directly supplied by the heart. Maintain a healthy weight, get   your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol checked regularly and eat a diet rich in colourful vegetables and eat up lots of omega.

Perceiving life in a positive or negative way matters. Those with a positive outlook live happier, longer and more content lives. Keep a check on your perceptions and prejudices and adjust accordingly.

Physical exercise directly benefits the structure and functioning of your brain and reduces your risk of heart disease. By simply reducing the amount of time you sit and increasing the amount of time you move increases your life span and quality of life.

Protect your brain. Remove or reduce alcohol and drugs while wearing your seat belt and protective head gear when needed.

Everyone with a brain needs to consider brain health. NOWS the time to invest.

Big love to you and your brain.

Till next time
Patricia Lucy ❤️❤️
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