Pets, Our Teachers and Guides!

Pets -Our Teachers and Guides!

I’ve always had pets and I couldn’t imagine life without them. To date I’ve shared my life with dogs,cats,rats,birds,fish,chickens,a ferret,a lizard,a Joey and for a while I also had pet ants and a couple of big bull ants,Larry and Carrie.

I had a Joey called Locky!

Animals have an amazing intuition and are capable of seeing and hearing things which elude me. Often when I’ve come out of meditation Zac my white fluffy Schnoodle, will intently get up and suddenly follow someone or something.At other times, he sitswhile his fixated eyes dart around my body.His head moves up and down following what I cant see.

Initially curious I decided to take photos and sure enough there they were! Orbs orbs and more orbs! The more pics I took the more I understood that these orbs had been travelling around me. Wow! Not only did Zac’s eyes intently follow “them’ round the room but Zac was also engaging in comunication.He”d let out a llittle sigh or bark as he playfully ran playing with an invisible someone or  something. Suddenly Zac would lower his back legs and was ready for a ball throw. At these times its not been unusual to watch him lick the “ air” for many minutes at a time as though he’s licking someone’s hand!

Pets are perfect companions

Pets carry with them a  lot of positive energy and are always up for some fun and games. If your household energy is a bit stagnant or ungrounded, a pet may well be the answer but remember, pets deserve to always be appreciated and treated with the utmost respect, after all,they are our Spirit Guides and Teachers.

Below is a list of some of
the life lessons pets and animals teach us:

1.unconditional love
2.Being present
5.importance of regular exercise
6.Accepting yourself as you are
7.Importance of sleep
8.Importance of play
10.importance of Loyalty & trust

Friends relaxing and hanging out.

Having had pets my entire life I can say with absolute confidence that animals and pets are gifts sent from the heavens.They are here to share,bless and embellish our journeys.As our Guides and Teachers they are on earth to teach us how to become better human beings.

Much love love love to all the pets and animals!

Patricia Lucy
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