Powerful Daily Affirmative Prayer

Speak out loud daily

“I thank the Universal Spirit of All-That-Is for this day, and I choose to see only Light, Love, and innocence in myself and others.
I invite the presence of that Spirit into every situation.

I choose to be all that I AM, and to know that it is safe to honour and cherish my true identity.

I AM a spiritual being in a physical body. I AM Love.

I AM loved, loving, and lovable.

I AM a beautiful, desirable, and empowered person.

I know that true prosperity is perfect health, wealth, and happiness.
I accept that Spirit is the Source of all supply, and that money is Spirit in action.

Love is flowing from me and to me so richly and so fully, that I have Abundance, prosperity, and affluence to share and to spare, today and always.

My body regenerates itself and I emanate perfect health. I AM breathing fully and vibrantly, today and always.

I choose to give up difficulty; I choose to be a living example of human potential.
These words I speak in faith, and they activate a law of Universal Good, and I accept and share the results.

I AM thankful for these blessings, for the increase in them, and for all others, knowing that we prosper together in every way.

I AM rich in my heart. I AM rich in my soul. I AM rich in my life. I AM rich and I AM whole.

Thank you, Spirit, for blessing me.”
-Author unknown

May Peace, Love and Abundance be yours.

Patricia Lucy
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