Re-Birth Worry and the Warrior

Hi Gorgeous and awesome one!!

I’ve Temporarily come out of my Spiritual cocoon to answer a few questions and shed some light into the profound angst and worry that is being presented to me at the moment.

We are going through a rebirth and therefore these times are confronting ,painful and exhausting. These times bring with them lack of clarity, confusion and general lack of unease and inability to see forward. Those of you who identified as Warriors of the Light may be identifying more as Worriers. Anxiety may be peaking while their is a general feeling of exhaustion and not wishing to move forward.

Firstly let us be reminded , if you cannot share light for others , then it is the time to shed light onto yourself. Now is our time for self study for self nurturing, for meditation,exercise, prayer, to listen to nice music, to deep breath, to go for bush walks….. this is the time to strengthen ourselves, our spirits. Now is our time to replenish ,to confront our demons, to clear the skeletons from the closets. No easy task, but do it with the knowing that with each shovel of rubbish that you remove,you make more room for the new light of regeneration to enter.

Self nurturing strengthens our mind, body and soul


Some handy points to remember

We are re birthing and at times the process seems increasingly slow and painful

Be aware that this re birth is a natural process and is needed so we may advance and lead healthier happier lives

Maintain the faith

We are not alone !
This upgrade and rebirth is occurring the world over .

Now’s the time to consciously focus on the positive

Take a deep breath in the knowing that these shifts are indeed improving us and our worlds

Don’t hesitate to speak with a counsellor, a friend, or a Spiritual advisor. Meanwhile get a new hairstyle , change wardrobe , go to a new class, ditch anybody you find energy consuming.Remember, these times are about you. About you re birthing to re emerge stronger and more beautiful than you already are!

Be KIND to YOURSELF! Congratulate yourself… are truely amazing and you are slowly developing into an even more beautiful and more powerful being.

I Look forward to seeing you meanwhile, I’m heading back into my cocoon! I need to
Re charge, re nourish, re nurture in preparation for my re birth and in preparation to seeing you all

We are getting ready to fly
Be kind to yourself

Heads up
I’m now accepting One on One healing sessions commencing mid November

Please ring or text for appointment
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Big Love🍃❤️

Happy nurturing
Patricia Lucy
Sharing the journey