Reclaiming Your Voice

We are here to learn, explore, and to become the best version of ourselves. Yet often, we find that we are not free to express our ideas or opinions. This repression severs our emotional freedom, creating problems and challenges.

To reclaim our voice is to reclaim our authentic selves. It is to commit to continually ‘stretching’ who we are, so we can heal and continue to grow.

Whether you are rediscovering who you are, or venturing towards yourself for the first time, reclaiming your voice is a process which involves self reflection, personal development, spirituality, and meditation. These practices open the gateway to our voice, opinions, attitudes, beliefs and to our emotional selves and self liberation.

The following hints and questions for self reflection, provide the foundation for your forward movement, towards accessing and liberating your inner voice. 

  • Know you can reclaim your voice.
  • Remove anxiety. Focus on the breath. Inhale love, exhale tension.
  • Do you consciously not voice your thoughts, opinions, beliefs or ideas? 
  • Do you fear receiving a negative reaction to your thoughts, opinions, beliefs, ideas? 
  • What unhealthy patterns and beliefs need to be shed?
  • Dedicate “me” time to healing and nurturing.
  • Schedule regular spiritual and personal development into your daily life.
  • Read and submerge yourself into works which help you to expand and grow.
  • Remember, finding your voice requires your ongoing dedication and perseverance. 
  • In seeking your voice, you undertake a process of self liberation. Live an authentic life! 
  • Never give up!

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