Self Soothe NOW!

Self Soothe NOW!

HI Gorgeous One,

It all seems to be happening at once. One moment we’re experiencing tragic news and feeling  down then the next we’re feeling fine! In this moment of conflicting energies. perhaps you’re experiencing lack of sleep or oversleep. Maybe you feel tired or exhausted ?

The current energies are tumultuous and extreme. All is at a high fever pitch and there is much contradiction and chaos. Many of us feel pummelled.While some people are caught in this energy cyclone and running with the chaos trying to avoid falling over, others are retreating.


Self soothing is replenishing. It is grounding and re-introduces equilibrium


In this chaos, you may feel as though you are going to break down. You will also notice that there are many obstacles which manifest . These obstacles manifest so as to assist you to s-l-o-w down. Take Note!

For those who have retreated you may start to notice that many around you are ungrounded. Meanwhile, you will also be aware that you are slowly coming out of your shell because you are more intuitive than you have realised. You may feel compelled to voice what you see. Remember to be diplomatic and do not hesitate to offer a lending hand to your fellow humans.Nows the time to use your voice!

Whichever camp you belong to, self soothing techniques are in order.
Self Soothing enables you to ground and gain equilibrium.

Listen to soothing sounds and soothing music


Self Soothing Techniques

  1. Slow down
  2. Spend time in nature- this is especially important
  3. Take time to be alone and be quiet
  4. Make a list of all for which you are grateful
  5. Now is the time to write a letter to your guides
  6. Engage in a creative project- example painting or swimming any activity which enables you to go into “the zone”
  7. Light a candle and focus on your breath
  8. Help others but be aware of your limits. Do not take on anything which you can’t easily off load . Stop assisting someone well before you feel burdened or anxious
  9. Factor in “me “time. Perhaps a bubble bath or a walk on the beach
  10. Listen to uplifting music
  11. Engage in Yoga, Tai-chi or other exercise -perhaps walk the dog or participate in voluntary work at an animal shelter
  12. Take time out for a refreshing Health drink or an aromatic tea
  13. Wear a lovely smelling scent and use incense in you home
  14. Reach out and talk to someone who understands you
  15. Have a massage
  16. Watch the clouds go by or read an uplifting book
  17. Take yourself to a gallery or a yet to be discovered cafe.
  18. What strategies work for you?
Aromatic teas offer a soothing reprieve


Self soothing better enables you to stay calm, grounded and remain on top In what is often a Topsy Turvey moment on planet earth.

Don’t forget to take time to smell the flowers 🙂


Love from me🦋
Patricia Lucy at🌈
Green leaves retreat
Sharing the journey 💥🌸🌿
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