Green Leaves Retreat

Each session is facilitated by Patricia Lucy and involves;

• The client self-reflecting, setting their intention and handwriting their goals or prayers

• Active and Guided Meditations

• Sacred Fire- Chiminea

• Spiritual guidance

• Discussions

• Sipping tea and snacking on a nourishing treat

• You will receive your exclusive and personal Spiritual Script. This script contains daily life strategies which reinforce your healing and assist you to gain the most out of life.

All activities within the session are channelled from the Divine thus specifically meeting your needs.


Green Leaves Retreat

The workshops focus on a particular life theme and follow a similar layout as the One on One Healing sessions. ( See above)

These workshops enable guests to engage in group discussions, works in personal reflection and One on One attention with the facilitator.The small intimate group is no larger than 4 and goes for approximately 4 hours.

A delicious home cooked lunch is provided while tasty snacks and aromatic teas are served throughout the day.

Each workshop guest receives Spiritual guidance for daily life practice. These life-changing tools and techniques assist towards positive and progressive life change.


Green Leaves Retreat

A Home Clearing involves clearing stuck and toxic energy within and around your home.

This act of purification is achieved via sound, fire, water and or smoke. Whether it be a smudge stick, a candle, bell or water, I arrive at your home at the appointed time and with the necessary “tools”.

You do not need to prepare. You simply need to acknowledge that this is a Sacred practice.

The process takes approximately an hour and a half which also includes a discussion and written recommendations specific to your circumstances. These recommendations ensure you and your family may enjoy a blessed home with clear and healthy energy flow.


Green Leaves Retreat

The Retreats focus on a particular life theme and have a similar layout to the One on One sessions and also include Sacred Fire and Forest bathing.

The small intimate group is no larger than 4 and encompasses two half days and one night.

The program comprises of group discussions, works in personal reflection, active meditation and One on One attention with the facilitator.

Bushwalking and Shinrinyoku – the Japanese word for forest bathing is also a part of our renewing process.

Delicious home cooked dinner is included while healthy snacks and aromatic teas are also available throughout the day.

Each Retreat guest receives their unique Spiritual Script and a nurturing “thank you for participating” gift.


Based in the lush Green Valley of Wyoming yet, only an hour’s drive north of Sydney, on the beautiful Central Coast.

Love your life by indulging in a Green Leaves Retreat experience.

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Green Leaves Retreat

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