Sharing The Journey

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It’s here!! We have arrived! It is 2019! We made it and with this knowing, we are reminded that we are resilient and strong. 

As we slowly realise the full impact of being in a new year, the old year of 2018 washes over us, leaving us with an awareness. We recognise that life’s challenges and adversity brings with it our evolution and learnings. We are reminded that all experiences, especially those that we deemed difficult, negative or unbearable, have all served to move us in a direction which is soul nourishing and for our highest good. We are better equipped for 2019!

It’s with the deepest love, gratitude and admiration that I’ve had the privilege to work with so many of you beautiful light workers. Together we’ve evolved, improved our lives and impacted positively on the lives of others. 

Big love and blessing to all who participated in the workshops, Retreats, one-on-one healings and house clearings. It’s been an honour.
I admire your determination to improve yourselves and the world.
I’m honoured to be sharing the journey with you. Meanwhile, I look forward to meeting those whom I’ve yet to have the privilege.

A Special gift for you. An empowering healing prayer to see you through 2019 ….. click below

Patricia Lucy
Big love
Chat soon

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Patricia Lucy is now available at House of Light in Sydney and
Green Leaves Retreat, Wyoming, Central Coast
Phone: 0414 859 488

Important Note: Big, Big Love to Nico Balschuweit who runs the internationally acclaimed Podcast Of Your Soul.

You are a beacon of light, continually helping and assisting others to live to their highest potential.
You are a true inspiration .
It was an absolute honour to work with you. .. let’s do another podcast again.. soon 🎀🎊🎉🎈💚🙏