Gratitude in Difficult Times

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Gratitude enables us to focus on the positive and in return the positives around us are magnified. The more grateful we are the more things we find to be grateful about. But what if I’m going through a hard time, does that mean I’m further drawing negatives towards myself?

How does one maintain and optimistic outlook and one of gratitude when things just don’t seem to be going right? In the midst of a heartbreak, illness or disaster we can be very reluctant to say “ oh yes, thank you for this serious illness” or Thank you for my broken leg, or the loss of my job, or a car breakdown or a broken friendship….

In times of difficulty it can be very hard and some may say impossible to see the value of the our circumstances and situation. It is through retrospect, that we look back and able to see the value of what it is that we had experienced . Perhaps an accident or illness created an enforced period which offered us time to self reflect so we could create a new life direction. It may have been that the circumstances were such that involved a family get together, creating a possibility for re unification. Or that your broken heart from a broken relationship lead you to your soul mate.

In times of need, distress, discomfort, confusion, pain, loss of clarity, unhappiness, broken heartedness, uneasiness or any other disturbance, we need to make a conscious decision to move away from our current state and decide that the time has arrived for us to get rid of our fears and troubles and to move towards the future.We need to reach out and ask for help . By doing so we move towards healing and speeding up our evolution.

Transformation is the outcome of gratefully accepting life’s curveballs.In times of difficulty when we are unlikely to be feeling grateful, it’s very important to be aware of our thoughts. It’s important to ensure that we are perceiving life from a positive view point. In situations which are beyond our control,try to see the lesson in what is occurring. A handy strategy is to place yourself in a future situation where you are looking back to the present day. Ask  yourself – “What am I learning and what is the value of this experience to my life.?

As humans we experience high times and low times. At all times try and remain cool. Dont say “ this shouldn’t be happening to me “ but rather Know that everything that occurs is for your highest good. Be spiritually receptive. Don’t say “no”.Say okay let’s go!!

Remember it is via your meditation,prayer and your gratitude which leads to you living your highest life.

I love you and am on earth for you
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Patricia Lucy🌈

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Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

There are many sacred places on planet earth. Some with biblical significance such as Jerusalem or Lourdes in France. Saudi Arabia has Mecca, while The Ganges river and the Mahabodhi Temple are Sacred in India. Australia has The Rock – Uluru in Kata Tjuta National Park and Egypt has Mt Sinai. This list, alike the list of miracles which occur in Brazil,are endless.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

In a little village called Abadiânia in Brazil resides what some call the largest healing centre on planet Earth. Here the celebrated healing medium, John of God, has dedicated his life.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Main Street in Abadiania

As a healing medium, John Of God offers his body as a conduit for healing and miracles. Does this mean that everybody who comes to Abadiania heals? No, it does however mean that many of those who come to heal although perhaps not cured, say they experience an overwhelming sense of inner peace and  self -acceptance. These seekers say these characteristics were absent prior to coming to Abadiânia, to the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola.

Alicia Lyford is one of those seekers. Alicia  was cured of stage four ovarian cancer. As such she has now become an Abadiania guide. Alicia shares some of her experiences, and miracles.

“Three weeks before I arrived here, there was a lady who needed an urgent liver transplant, that liver transplant was clearly needed a lot more urgently than anticipated. Now this beautiful lady goes to bed and wakes in the morning to find her shirt has a lot of blood on it 😱

She lifts up her shirt and underneath there is scarring, it is very clear an operation has occurred. She then is confused and goes to the entity to ask what has happened.

The entity proceeds to tell this lady that her liver transplant was needed straight away. He then tells her the name and age of her nephew who had recently passed away. He explained that her nephew had donated his liver, from the spirit world.

Yes you did read that correctly…..a liver transplant from the other side.

This beautiful woman is now completely healed 🙏

How is this possible and how can something like this occur in your room as you’re sleeping? I can’t answer that, all I can say is that it can and how incredible is that!!!

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

I have been speaking to some of my beautiful friends who are Casa guides, they speak of healings that have occurred to people in their groups.

One lady woke up frantic as she thought her contacts had gone behind her eyes. Medical assistance was sought, however, there were no contacts behind her eyes and without her contacts she could barely see……and now? Yes you guessed it, she can see completely fine 😇

Another lady in my dear friends group had breast cancer that she was unaware of!!! She woke one morning to find scars around her breast and her breast was very inflamed. She was taken to the entity to ask what had happened. He explained she had breast cancer and that it had now been removed. A medical examination showed that an operation had been performed. Her life was saved without her even realising she was sick 🙏

Casa is so incredible that no words will ever truly be able to describe this phenomenal and powerful healing sanctuary.

May these stories help you and others you may know, to trust, to have faith and to realise there is something so much greater than us and that miracles do truly occur. So no matter what you are going through, when you are feeling lost, alone or desperately needing help, read this again and remember to always remain in faith, love and gratitude. Remember you are never alone and the spirit world is always there to support you 🙏🙏”

Alicia Lyford

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Flower on the path to the sacred waterfall

I’m writing to you here from Abadiânia in Brazil. I’ve just returned from the sacred waterfall. I’m feeling Light and overflowing with peace and Life Purpose.

My first visit to Abadiania was 8 years ago. It was then that Spirit instructed me to refocus my attention from Teaching and Counselling and to redirect my energies into working as a Healing Medium. Consequently I founded The House of Light, a Spiritual and Healing Centre in Sydney. 2 years ago after another visit to Abadiania and more profound Spiritual evolution, I once again followed thru with the Spirits and Entities of Lights directive. I was instructed to go to the Central Coast, to Wyoming and open a Retreat. I have done so. The outcome is Green Leaves Retreat, the Centre for Personal and Spiritual Change.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Green Leaves Retreat – Wyoming

Since my first visit to Abadiania, the good Spirits, beings of Light, Entities, Energies, Angels and Saints have accompanied me on my life journey. They are constantly with me. They are always present and ready to assist all who seek. I am humbled and honoured to be of service.

Give yourself a chance! Come nourish your Spirit, your Soul. Gain clarity, peace, joy, abundance and life purpose. At Green Leaves Retreat we understand the journey and welcome you with open arms!

I love you and look forward to being of service…
Much love, gratitude and light, from me who’s back in Wyoming!
Patricia Lucy
Green Leaves Retreat
Sharing the journey
Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Abadiania sunset from the meditation deck

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“We Are One!…..Are We?

“We Are One!…..Are We?
With globolization, our cultural boundaries have broadened. We”ve gained insight, become more conscious of global unity, and we are generally more accepting and better able to communicate with one another. But, sometimes communication can be fickle. Just when you think you’ve gotten your point across, sitting before you is a steak instead of a herbal camomile infusion! How could the message have been so lost in translation?

We often hear espoused “we are one” but is this simply a nice concept or are we really making advances in becoming a one world nation , a “ we are one world”?

Bitcoin – a new currency
The universal language of Esperanto, a universal language is testimony to our desire to unite via communication. It seemed like a brilliant idea.After its inception in the late 1800s we then saw a Esperanto resurge in the 70s and 80s. Today however, besides the die hard “Esperanties” who attend yearly gatherings,the universal language of Esperanto  doesn’t really appear to have taken off.

Then we had the introduction of the Euro currency. Besides what was perceived as the economic benefits, the Euro is once again our testimony to our desire and attempts at being and feeling connected and unified.


Communication via Skype -technology continues to be at the forefront of bringing us together 

While technology continues to be at the forefront of bringing us together-(think sype , video chats, sms, emails, Instagram Snap Chat etcetera…) we have been introduced to a “ technological currency,” the Bitcoin. This is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system which was created to assist us in our individual and global purchase transactions. It is our digital currency designed to accompany us into the cyber world! So, is Bitcoin providing us with that sense of being closer together? Have we achieved the “ we are one “ catch cry?

Besides technology , Bitcoin, Esperanto, The Euro ,what the majority of us humans have in common is the awareness that we live in a world with war, violence, famine and the knowing that we need to perform a 360 turn to avoid spiralling down and imploding.This raised consciousness has created a steady move towards self elevation -ourselves and our worlds .

Light Workers Unite

We are one ! Why ? Because we are all Spirits inhabiting a human body form.And although there have been great advances for global unification via currency, language and technology, the biggest advances have come with our raised consciousness.

The more we get in touch with our spirits the more we recognise the spirit in others. It is then we experience that there is no gender, race,class or any other human made divisions. We begin to focus on similarities not differences. At this point in the journey, our spiritual work elevates us and in turn, we elevate and illuminate others and the world around us. We are one! Getting there is the journey!

Illuminate yourself and you illuminate the world
Sending you Love

Sending you Light

Patricia Lucy

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Is everyone in the world having more fun than you?

Do you ever feel as though everyone in the world is having more fun than you? You open your Facebook and you slide across,scroll down, look left, look right change profiles visit another profile,go to Instagram , Snapchat ..It just doesn’t matter where you look does it? There are people smiling everywhere!

It’s funny isn’t it? Because even when we take a selfie or when we’re photographed, we automatically smile. It doesn’t matter whether we feel bad or good or just had a disagreement, as soon as we see a camera we take on the “ we are so happy“ look. For that split second, any misery that exists temporarily vanishes. We freeze- pose -‘click’ and its all over. We return to our original mood and continue with what we were doing.
So why is it that although we’re ‘armed’ with this “ camera smile knowledge” that we still have the feeling that everyone in the world is having more fun than we are? Are those “smiling photos” somehow indoctrinating our common sense?
With the advances in technology, so appears to be the creation of another reality, a reality which is often incompatible with our everyday worlds.In this cyber world photos of others lead us to believe that a large majority of humans on this planet are having an enormous amount of fun! Their photos tell us that their in-love, happy, on holidays or about to embark on an amazing adventure. Everyone is engaged, or at their wedding, at a party, pouting, wearing the latest in designer clothes, everyone is gorgeous and everyone,everywhere looks like a model and their all having the time
of their lives! Everyone in the whole world, that is, except you!

Engaging with social media is an activity which is often done alone. We are often sitting quietly on a bus or at home or bored and filling in time.
But we forget this and we forget about that ‘automatic camera smile’ instead,
we start comparing ourselves to the automatic camera smiles and lives of others. This comparison inevitably leads to a sense that your life is not as fulfilling as everyone else’s and so commences the ‘wish list.’
 I wish I had a partner, I wish I was having more fun, I wish I was happier, I wish I had more friends, I wish I was single, I wish wasn’t lonely, I wish….I wish …I wish I had what she has, I wish I was doing what he’s doing, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish my life was more exciting, I wish I was skinnier,I wish I had more friends, I wish I had a boyfriend, I wish I had more money, a new car, a new dog, a new house, and so on. By this stage of the wishing process we may feel quite depressed and distressed feeling that we are living a life in deficit.

Quite often people embark on a social media diet. This involves avoiding or restricting their interaction on social media. These people have cited that these diets enable them to reclaim their lives, to re-focus on themselves thereby avoiding negatives such as anxiety and depression which are a direct consequences of comparing themselves with others.
We are living in a world where technology is an integral part of our lives. As such, we need to adopt healthy ways of interacting on social media. Often a Reality Check is the perfect preventive and anecdote.
  1. People have a natural aversion to documenting the mundane and you rarely see their life outside of social media
  2. We all engage in the ‘ automatic camera smile’

Re number 1 above, their probably viewing your pics wishing they were you and had your life!


Re number 2 above, if we lived as though we are always being photographed we’d always have a smile. Studies prove that smiling for a sustained period of time improves our mood!


Love you and

I look forward to seeing you soon

Patricia Lucy

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A smile is recognised the world over

“In My Opinion”

In my opinion…….

One of the things I’m most passionate about is my work. My work at Green Leaves Retreat is to help people gain joy,happiness,peace,love,abundance and meaning in their lives. My aim is to help others enrich their lives .For me,there is no greater joy than to assist another on their journey towards evolution, contentment and abundance. My work is my passion.

I do engage in other activities. I like travelling, meeting people,painting, sculpting mucking around on musical instruments, I also like dancing and am a writer at heart but nothing is quite as humbling or gives me that deep sense of truely living as my ability to help another.

Green Leaves Retreat helping people celebrate life

With every booking, I’m 100% confident that the participant will be assisted in their personal and Spiritual evolution. I know this because I am the conduit via which The Divine accesses my client thereby meeting their needs. And although it is helpful if the client does believe in spirituality it is not a pre-requisite.

P.Lucy accompanies you on your journey

Every healing session involves the setting of intentions,this assists with sharpening the focus of what we truely need and desire. We also engage in guided meditations, discussions offering life clarity and the releasing of our intentions via the ritual of sacred fire burning. Each session concludes with aromatic teas, wholemeal cookies and discussion. It is then we discuss the way forward and the documentation of a personal script is formed based on the useful tools and strategies which manifested durning the healing session. The daily implementation of this personal Spiritual script reinforces healings, goal achievement and evolution. The sharing of these powerful tools is a wonderful gift and the clients always walk away more joyful, peaceful with clarity and feeling empowered.

One reason for my passion to help others is because throughout my life, I’ve often felt there was no one there to help me. At times my feelings have been so intense that the bridge between myself and reaching out was eternal.

Today I am deeply and profoundly humbled that with Spirit in my heart I am able to accompany others to cross that bridge. It is a deep honour to share this sacred journey, it is a deep honour to share this sacred wisdom. My work is humbling, and I participate with the deepest of gratitude. For me there is no greater gift than helping another.

Green Leaves Retreat
Helping people find their joy and abundance




Profound love to you

Patricia Lucy


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