Colours Vibrate Your World

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Don’t you just love colour?

I’ve always loved colour and I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by how colour can affect our moods.

How would it be to experience a life where we couldn’t see colour or could only see the world in black-and-white?

Apparently colour blindness is more common in  males than females. There is also a partial colour blindness condition and those with partial colour blindness often don’t realise until they’re in their adult years!

How lucky are the majority of us who can see the magnificence of colour and revel in its benefits!

Green Leaves Retreat
Fill your days with colour

A bit about wonderful colours!

Did you know….

was considered a stately colour reserved for the religious or royalty. The dye to make the purple colour was prohibitorily expensive hence worn only by those with money.

Is considered to be a colour of  action and arousal. If you want to turn your partner on wear red

The throat chakra is blue. To encourage speech or support your voice wear blue around your neck. It is the colour of the sky, sea and promotes loyalty.

Green Leaves Retreat
Blue is the colour of the throat chakra, the sky, water and loyalty

is a bit of a hipster colour considered to be slimming and elegant whilst it  can be successfully worn by anyone.The depth of the colour means it absorbs light which makes it a heat catcher. The intensity of the colour has historically seen it as a popular  funeral wear.

Many consider white to be a non-colour because it is devoid of colours. It is thus considered pure. Opposite to black its reflective in that it’s not absorbent to light  hence keeping you cool. The colour white is thought by many to lift your moods.

Green Leaves Retreat

Reflecting the light and Is mood enhancing. Yellow is a happy colour.

Cool, refreshing and rejuvenating green is equated with Mother Nature and oxygen. And alike going for a walk in nature, green, the colour of the heart chakra is soothing to the mind body and soul.

Colours are often used for their therapeutic and calming benefit whereas
orange like red is considered bold and stimulating to the appetite.

Next time you get dressed or decide to paint your walls or decorate your room,what colours will you choose to bask in?

Have a colourful  week

See you soon
Patricia Lucy

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Gratitude in Difficult Times

Green Leaves Retreat

Gratitude enables us to focus on the positive and in return the positives around us are magnified. The more grateful we are the more things we find to be grateful about. But what if I’m going through a hard time, does that mean I’m further drawing negatives towards myself?

How does one maintain and optimistic outlook and one of gratitude when things just don’t seem to be going right? In the midst of a heartbreak, illness or disaster we can be very reluctant to say “ oh yes, thank you for this serious illness” or Thank you for my broken leg, or the loss of my job, or a car breakdown or a broken friendship….

In times of difficulty it can be very hard and some may say impossible to see the value of the our circumstances and situation. It is through retrospect, that we look back and able to see the value of what it is that we had experienced . Perhaps an accident or illness created an enforced period which offered us time to self reflect so we could create a new life direction. It may have been that the circumstances were such that involved a family get together, creating a possibility for re unification. Or that your broken heart from a broken relationship lead you to your soul mate.

In times of need, distress, discomfort, confusion, pain, loss of clarity, unhappiness, broken heartedness, uneasiness or any other disturbance, we need to make a conscious decision to move away from our current state and decide that the time has arrived for us to get rid of our fears and troubles and to move towards the future.We need to reach out and ask for help . By doing so we move towards healing and speeding up our evolution.

Transformation is the outcome of gratefully accepting life’s curveballs.In times of difficulty when we are unlikely to be feeling grateful, it’s very important to be aware of our thoughts. It’s important to ensure that we are perceiving life from a positive view point. In situations which are beyond our control,try to see the lesson in what is occurring. A handy strategy is to place yourself in a future situation where you are looking back to the present day. Ask  yourself – “What am I learning and what is the value of this experience to my life.?

As humans we experience high times and low times. At all times try and remain cool. Dont say “ this shouldn’t be happening to me “ but rather Know that everything that occurs is for your highest good. Be spiritually receptive. Don’t say “no”.Say okay let’s go!!

Remember it is via your meditation,prayer and your gratitude which leads to you living your highest life.

I love you and am on earth for you
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Patricia Lucy🌈

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Sharing the Journey

Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

There are many sacred places on planet earth. Some with biblical significance such as Jerusalem or Lourdes in France. Saudi Arabia has Mecca, while The Ganges river and the Mahabodhi Temple are Sacred in India. Australia has The Rock – Uluru in Kata Tjuta National Park and Egypt has Mt Sinai. This list, alike the list of miracles which occur in Brazil,are endless.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

In a little village called Abadiânia in Brazil resides what some call the largest healing centre on planet Earth. Here the celebrated healing medium, John of God, has dedicated his life.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Main Street in Abadiania

As a healing medium, John Of God offers his body as a conduit for healing and miracles. Does this mean that everybody who comes to Abadiania heals? No, it does however mean that many of those who come to heal although perhaps not cured, say they experience an overwhelming sense of inner peace and  self -acceptance. These seekers say these characteristics were absent prior to coming to Abadiânia, to the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola.

Alicia Lyford is one of those seekers. Alicia  was cured of stage four ovarian cancer. As such she has now become an Abadiania guide. Alicia shares some of her experiences, and miracles.

“Three weeks before I arrived here, there was a lady who needed an urgent liver transplant, that liver transplant was clearly needed a lot more urgently than anticipated. Now this beautiful lady goes to bed and wakes in the morning to find her shirt has a lot of blood on it 😱

She lifts up her shirt and underneath there is scarring, it is very clear an operation has occurred. She then is confused and goes to the entity to ask what has happened.

The entity proceeds to tell this lady that her liver transplant was needed straight away. He then tells her the name and age of her nephew who had recently passed away. He explained that her nephew had donated his liver, from the spirit world.

Yes you did read that correctly…..a liver transplant from the other side.

This beautiful woman is now completely healed 🙏

How is this possible and how can something like this occur in your room as you’re sleeping? I can’t answer that, all I can say is that it can and how incredible is that!!!

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces

I have been speaking to some of my beautiful friends who are Casa guides, they speak of healings that have occurred to people in their groups.

One lady woke up frantic as she thought her contacts had gone behind her eyes. Medical assistance was sought, however, there were no contacts behind her eyes and without her contacts she could barely see……and now? Yes you guessed it, she can see completely fine 😇

Another lady in my dear friends group had breast cancer that she was unaware of!!! She woke one morning to find scars around her breast and her breast was very inflamed. She was taken to the entity to ask what had happened. He explained she had breast cancer and that it had now been removed. A medical examination showed that an operation had been performed. Her life was saved without her even realising she was sick 🙏

Casa is so incredible that no words will ever truly be able to describe this phenomenal and powerful healing sanctuary.

May these stories help you and others you may know, to trust, to have faith and to realise there is something so much greater than us and that miracles do truly occur. So no matter what you are going through, when you are feeling lost, alone or desperately needing help, read this again and remember to always remain in faith, love and gratitude. Remember you are never alone and the spirit world is always there to support you 🙏🙏”

Alicia Lyford

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Flower on the path to the sacred waterfall

I’m writing to you here from Abadiânia in Brazil. I’ve just returned from the sacred waterfall. I’m feeling Light and overflowing with peace and Life Purpose.

My first visit to Abadiania was 8 years ago. It was then that Spirit instructed me to refocus my attention from Teaching and Counselling and to redirect my energies into working as a Healing Medium. Consequently I founded The House of Light, a Spiritual and Healing Centre in Sydney. 2 years ago after another visit to Abadiania and more profound Spiritual evolution, I once again followed thru with the Spirits and Entities of Lights directive. I was instructed to go to the Central Coast, to Wyoming and open a Retreat. I have done so. The outcome is Green Leaves Retreat, the Centre for Personal and Spiritual Change.

Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Green Leaves Retreat – Wyoming

Since my first visit to Abadiania, the good Spirits, beings of Light, Entities, Energies, Angels and Saints have accompanied me on my life journey. They are constantly with me. They are always present and ready to assist all who seek. I am humbled and honoured to be of service.

Give yourself a chance! Come nourish your Spirit, your Soul. Gain clarity, peace, joy, abundance and life purpose. At Green Leaves Retreat we understand the journey and welcome you with open arms!

I love you and look forward to being of service…
Much love, gratitude and light, from me who’s back in Wyoming!
Patricia Lucy
Green Leaves Retreat
Sharing the journey
Green Leaves Retreat - Sacred Places in Sacred Spaces
Abadiania sunset from the meditation deck

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P.S. Alicia Lyford takes her next group to Abadiânia in October 2018. For more info contact Alicia on 0400912974.


“We Are One!…..Are We?

“We Are One!…..Are We?
With globolization, our cultural boundaries have broadened. We”ve gained insight, become more conscious of global unity, and we are generally more accepting and better able to communicate with one another. But, sometimes communication can be fickle. Just when you think you’ve gotten your point across, sitting before you is a steak instead of a herbal camomile infusion! How could the message have been so lost in translation?

We often hear espoused “we are one” but is this simply a nice concept or are we really making advances in becoming a one world nation , a “ we are one world”?

Bitcoin – a new currency
The universal language of Esperanto, a universal language is testimony to our desire to unite via communication. It seemed like a brilliant idea.After its inception in the late 1800s we then saw a Esperanto resurge in the 70s and 80s. Today however, besides the die hard “Esperanties” who attend yearly gatherings,the universal language of Esperanto  doesn’t really appear to have taken off.

Then we had the introduction of the Euro currency. Besides what was perceived as the economic benefits, the Euro is once again our testimony to our desire and attempts at being and feeling connected and unified.


Communication via Skype -technology continues to be at the forefront of bringing us together 

While technology continues to be at the forefront of bringing us together-(think sype , video chats, sms, emails, Instagram Snap Chat etcetera…) we have been introduced to a “ technological currency,” the Bitcoin. This is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system which was created to assist us in our individual and global purchase transactions. It is our digital currency designed to accompany us into the cyber world! So, is Bitcoin providing us with that sense of being closer together? Have we achieved the “ we are one “ catch cry?

Besides technology , Bitcoin, Esperanto, The Euro ,what the majority of us humans have in common is the awareness that we live in a world with war, violence, famine and the knowing that we need to perform a 360 turn to avoid spiralling down and imploding.This raised consciousness has created a steady move towards self elevation -ourselves and our worlds .

Light Workers Unite

We are one ! Why ? Because we are all Spirits inhabiting a human body form.And although there have been great advances for global unification via currency, language and technology, the biggest advances have come with our raised consciousness.

The more we get in touch with our spirits the more we recognise the spirit in others. It is then we experience that there is no gender, race,class or any other human made divisions. We begin to focus on similarities not differences. At this point in the journey, our spiritual work elevates us and in turn, we elevate and illuminate others and the world around us. We are one! Getting there is the journey!

Illuminate yourself and you illuminate the world
Sending you Love

Sending you Light

Patricia Lucy

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Helping you get in touch with your light Xxxxxxxx

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When You’re in LOVE That’s All There Is

Green Leaves Retreat

I’ve just come back from overseas and all I can say is, while away, every single day, my excitement intensified! It intensified for my return back home! Why? Because I’m in Love with the Central Coast!

Yes, the holiday was a break, and yes it did afford an opportunity to self reflect, and to become familiar with other customs and traditions.

Green Leaves Retreat

I learnt a couple of choice words in a new language. “ Good morning, good evening, how are you, please, thank you, where is”….I learnt to bow at just the correct angle and to control any facial expressions which may give insight into any emotion other than joy or neutrality.

Green Leaves Retreat

I was adventurous and tried some food that I would never try at home and rubbed shoulders with exciting people. I also made some wonderful friendships. So what happened to the “SHEBANG”??

Green Leaves Retreat

Okay so why didn’t my holiday thrill me? I’ve looked at all options. Could I be over patriotic? Or lacking in gratitude? Or perhaps I’m just simply spoilt?

Green Leaves Retreat

I decided as an Australian and particularly as a Coastie, that I am in fact super spoilt! It is without a skerrick of a doubt that I believe the Central Coast is probably one of the most undiscovered and magnificent jewels on planet Earth!

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, I know I have but, for me, being away was yet another reminder and reinforcer of my conviction and belief that is, that here on the Coast, We live in heaven!!

Was the holiday a waste of time? No absolutely not, but how fortunate we are to live in Australia !

I’m originally from Sydney and  its about a year and a half ago that Spirit directed me to “Wyoming”I thought they wanted me to go to America! Luckily it was Wyoming on the Central Coast!  I didn’t want to leave family, friends and familiar environments and step into the unknown but My intuition took over.  In an emotionally detached yet elected state, I was uprooted  over night.  I had no idea where Wyoming was or why  I was being sent.
 I arrived in Wyoming and as though on automatic pilot, I set up the Spiritual and Healing Centre Green Leaves Retreat.

Green Leaves Retreat

Located in a lush green valley, surrounded by banana and lemon trees it truely is a magnificent high frequency haven to chill out. With Mount Elliot a few minutes behind, a small mall down the road, a great coffee shop, an amazing theatre, cockies, bush turkeys, turtles, bird song, I’m so soooooo in love! I guess there’s another reason and in fact the true reason. No one ever wants to be away from their one true love! How fortunate we are!

Green Leaves Retreat

Look forward to meeting you and sharing the gifts.







The Central Coast


P.S. Lightworkers Unite! Sunday Spiritual Nourishment is on this Sunday 29th April 2018 at Green Leaves Retreat. Come Love, Nourish, Flourish with us, click here for more information and to book!

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Raising the Frequency

Green Leaves Retreat

When we spiritually maintain ourselves, we renew our spirits. Without spiritual renewal we physically break down, we burn out. Why? Because we are more than our physical, we are spirits living in the physical body.

Let’s use the analogy of a car.

Green Leaves Retreat

We fill up our gas tanks regularly, but do we regularly nourish our souls?

Green Leaves Retreat

With little or no petrol, a car begins to wear down and deteriorate, it slowly becomes damaged as it grinds to a halt.

Green Leaves Retreat

Now, imagine you are the car and the petrol is the spirit. Without Spiritual Nourishment, we continue pushing ourselves and in doing so, we develop all sorts of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Inevitably we, like a car, also break down and burn out.

Green Leaves Retreat

Sometimes those cars are towed away, never to be seen again!

For those who say they haven’t got time for meditation, it’s these very people who need spiritual renewal the most. Why? Because their comment reflects an attitude which offers insight into where their energy is being directed. It’s an indication that their energy is being  directed on the external while the internal world is being overlooked.The petrol, their sustenance, their spirit self is being ignored. Placing all their energy on the outside will inevitably lead to decline in the physical mental and spiritual – a decline in life quality.

1 year and 3 months ago spirit sent me to the Coast to set up Green Leaves Retreat. During this time I’ve been involved in renovations, meeting people, developing beautiful friendships, establishing a Spiritial presence and basically rebuilding my life. Now, the time has arrived for me to regroup, to take time out, to undertake some intense work in profound spiritual renewal. Although I work on my spiritual renewal daily, I know it’s time to do a complete Spiritual overhaul! In keeping with this realisation, I was sent the most precious of gifts!

Green Leaves Retreat
Patricia Lucy (left) with Alicia Lyford (right) at the Forest of Tranquility, Ourimbah NSW


A series of circumstances found me uniting with another Divine healing channel! Alicia Lyford is a spiritual and medical intuitive. Alicia flew down from the Gold Coast to visit me at Green Leaves Retreat.

Green Leaves Retreat
Alicia Lyford, preparing the space at Green Leaves Retreat prior to clients arrival


Our days together were full and profoundly nourishing. We laughed, cried, conducted sacred healing sessions with clients, we presented at the Forest of Tranquility, held a film night, and generally focused on assisting and healing each other to be and become the best versions of ourselves. Now Alicia has left and my energy and the energy at Green Leaves Retreat reflects the intense uplifts and shifts. With an elevated frequency, the harmony and crystalline vibrational frequency is even higher and more harmonic! What a blessed union!

Green Leaves Retreat
The wonderful John of God in “A Quest To Heal – Beyond The Physical” at the Film Night, Green Leaves Retreat


Spiritual renewal is the only way for me to evolve and advance. It’s the only way for me to reach my highest potential. It’s the only way for me to continue my work as a healing channel.My calling to assist others to gain life meaning, joy and abundance requires me to be in tip top form. Nothing less will do.

Green Leaves Retreat

The super rejuvenated, renewed, refreshed, happier, more joyful me looks forward to living as a clearer Channel, helping myself, all beings and planet earth to live in peace,joy health and abundance.

Remember to fill up your tanks and enjoy the journey!




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Renew, regenerate and nourish🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱

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Honouring Our Mistakes

Green Leaves Retreat

So how do we learn from our mistakes? Firstly, we have to accept that we make mistakes and that we’ll make future mistakes.

Our depth and wisdom is a direct consequence of our past mistakes and our learnings. Without mistakes there is no learning and without learning there will be no progress.

Without mistakes there is no learning and without learning there will be no progress.

Often we’ve been knocked to the ground, suffered deeply, had our hearts broken, experienced great disappointment or simply just not arrived to where we wanted to go but hellooooo its precisely those mistakes, failings, and events, that we hadn’t planned for, those mistakes or failings which we had never anticipated which created the person we are today!

Green Leaves Retreat

Flexibility is important. If we expect that life’s experiences and events should conform strictly to plan we are setting ourselves up for hardships.

Having short-term as well as long-term goals that are flexible enables us to go with the flow, roll with the punches so we may recover quickly with “wow!! what did I learn from that?” This attitude allows us to move towards evolution and the next non-scripted life event. Remember, an attitude of learning keeps us in good stead with life.

Green Leaves Retreat

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move ahead and look towards a future where mistakes or misfortunes are seen for what they are – learnings. Living with this attitude frees us up for a joyful life!

Good Luck

I Love You


Patricia Lucy

Black Gold

Green Leaves Retreat

As a coffee aficionado let it be known that the Central Coast ticks all the boxes!

It’s always such a thrill to do a little research, pick an unknown destination and then venture towards coffee indulgence!

I love coffee! In fact, I’m in love with coffee! I’m sure this is due to my heritage. My parents are Italian 🇮🇹 and I was raised on the smell of a good fresh ☕ brew!

Green Leaves Retreat

The scent of freshly ground coffee triggers and transports me to exotic and faraway places. I fly high like the birds, and swim in deep oceans with the most colourful of fish, I walk on clouds, get a smile on my dial and my mood and well-being becomes immediately enhanced. The world becomes even more beautiful and awesome. Having said that, imagine the depths of despair if I have a terrible coffee!! Lol lol

Annually, the Central Coast caters for the hundreds and thousands of tourists  and with them comes a great coffee standard! Catering for the tourist market, us Coasties are blessed to be surrounded by an amazing array of boutique coffee outlets. This, coupled with the unbelievably magnificent natural locations, creates a total sensory extravaganza!

I’ve had coffee by the sea, in book shops, next to train stations, cafe latte in the bush, coffee over lakes, cappuccino in industrial settings, a macchiato in fun and funky venues, iced coffee near pigs and donkeys, a long black in  gardens next to a horse stud and short black on a mountain at a boutique hotel! I’ve even had a cracker of a coffee at at brewery!

Green Leaves Retreat

My daily afternoon coffee is a sacred ritual. It’s  all about the anticipation, the preparation, and then the indulgence. It’s akin to meditation. I set up my environment, light the candle and off I go. Unlike meditation, I don’t venture within but rather – out. I do a bit of research, drive to an amazing location, pick the right seat, order the perfect coffee in a brilliant environment with a phenomenal outlook. Sometimes I bring a book, other times my laptop, and  other times I simply submerge myself in the experience of sensory delights and watch the world go by!

Green Leaves Retreat

I’ve been indulging in the sacred art of coffee drinking for years. Many of my university degrees and assignments have been achieved thanks to many a late night, the brown bean and wonderful cafes. But nowadays, I’ve truely reached the ultimate! As a Coastie I’m privileged to experience a sacred coffee ritual that has elevated and evolved to the level of sublime!


Check it out!!!  New Exciting, Spacious and Quirky.. Do you crave great coffee and  tasty food? Burns Road Cafe in Ourimbah offers a chilled out space with an exciting twist. Situated off the bustling highway (on the site of the Big Flower Nursery) attentative staff will ensure you exit with a smile.You inevitably leave with that  “cant wait to return “feeling! :-))_

See you around the traps



Today Tomorrow Always

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat


P.S. Please share to benefit others!

Love and Wisdom

Green Leaves Retreat

Hello Beautiful Ones,

As I sit here chilling out and sipping on my extra hot aromatic tea, I look out at the lush greenery. The Rosellas are playing in the trees and the cockatoos are squawking and fluttering. I take a deep s-l-o-w breath and realise how lucky I am.

Both my parents are alive and although my mum is considerably younger than my dad, today my dad is turning 94! Yes seriously!

Green Leaves Retreat
Happy 94th Birthday dad and “hi” gorgeous mum!

So what’s the secret to longevity? I’ve conducted research on centenarians and although my dad is not quite a centenarian, 94 is pretty well up there!

Not only is dad fortunate to have mum by his side but he’s also lucky that his social circle is predominantly made up of his siblings. His sisters and brothers range in age from their early eighties to early 90s! They have wonderful get-togethers with much laughter and storytelling of days gone by!

So what are some of the common denominators between those who live to a ripe old age?

Research highlights the following:

  1. Challenge yourself
  2. Have good friends
  3. Be active both physically and mentally
  4. Be aware of what you consume and the amount you consume. Do not eat fatty, sugared or processed foods.
  5. Know what you are exposing yourself to – television, music, people, newspapers and so on have a positive or negative effect on you.
  6. Maintain Self-discipline to implement and reinforce the points above
  7. Be grateful
  8. Have a life purpose

Older people recognise the importance of going with the flow and not engaging in negativity. It’s about enjoyment, in short, it’s about LOVE.

To love life, love your network of family and friends, love your work, love being active, love,love, love…..when you truly love you gain happiness, meaning, joy, abundance and nourishment.

And so now that we have the secret recipe for a long and happy life let’s get to it!

Meanwhile, Green Leaves Retreat is here for you so that you too may lead a long, loving and happy life. Find your passion, find your life purpose, your balance, clarity, gain nourishment, and be re-energised! Now is the time to check out our Services page!


Cant wait to meet you!

Patricia Lucy


Green Leaves Retreat


Love Nourish Flourish

Today Tomorrow Always