Colours Vibrate Your World

Green Leaves Retreat

Don’t you just love colour?

I’ve always loved colour and I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by how colour can affect our moods.

How would it be to experience a life where we couldn’t see colour or could only see the world in black-and-white?

Apparently colour blindness is more common in  males than females. There is also a partial colour blindness condition and those with partial colour blindness often don’t realise until they’re in their adult years!

How lucky are the majority of us who can see the magnificence of colour and revel in its benefits!

Green Leaves Retreat
Fill your days with colour

A bit about wonderful colours!

Did you know….

was considered a stately colour reserved for the religious or royalty. The dye to make the purple colour was prohibitorily expensive hence worn only by those with money.

Is considered to be a colour of  action and arousal. If you want to turn your partner on wear red

The throat chakra is blue. To encourage speech or support your voice wear blue around your neck. It is the colour of the sky, sea and promotes loyalty.

Green Leaves Retreat
Blue is the colour of the throat chakra, the sky, water and loyalty

is a bit of a hipster colour considered to be slimming and elegant whilst it  can be successfully worn by anyone.The depth of the colour means it absorbs light which makes it a heat catcher. The intensity of the colour has historically seen it as a popular  funeral wear.

Many consider white to be a non-colour because it is devoid of colours. It is thus considered pure. Opposite to black its reflective in that it’s not absorbent to light  hence keeping you cool. The colour white is thought by many to lift your moods.

Green Leaves Retreat

Reflecting the light and Is mood enhancing. Yellow is a happy colour.

Cool, refreshing and rejuvenating green is equated with Mother Nature and oxygen. And alike going for a walk in nature, green, the colour of the heart chakra is soothing to the mind body and soul.

Colours are often used for their therapeutic and calming benefit whereas
orange like red is considered bold and stimulating to the appetite.

Next time you get dressed or decide to paint your walls or decorate your room,what colours will you choose to bask in?

Have a colourful  week

See you soon
Patricia Lucy

Please Note: 
Bookings reopen June 14th 2019

Raising the Frequency

Green Leaves Retreat

When we spiritually maintain ourselves, we renew our spirits. Without spiritual renewal we physically break down, we burn out. Why? Because we are more than our physical, we are spirits living in the physical body.

Let’s use the analogy of a car.

Green Leaves Retreat

We fill up our gas tanks regularly, but do we regularly nourish our souls?

Green Leaves Retreat

With little or no petrol, a car begins to wear down and deteriorate, it slowly becomes damaged as it grinds to a halt.

Green Leaves Retreat

Now, imagine you are the car and the petrol is the spirit. Without Spiritual Nourishment, we continue pushing ourselves and in doing so, we develop all sorts of physical, mental and spiritual ailments. Inevitably we, like a car, also break down and burn out.

Green Leaves Retreat

Sometimes those cars are towed away, never to be seen again!

For those who say they haven’t got time for meditation, it’s these very people who need spiritual renewal the most. Why? Because their comment reflects an attitude which offers insight into where their energy is being directed. It’s an indication that their energy is being  directed on the external while the internal world is being overlooked.The petrol, their sustenance, their spirit self is being ignored. Placing all their energy on the outside will inevitably lead to decline in the physical mental and spiritual – a decline in life quality.

1 year and 3 months ago spirit sent me to the Coast to set up Green Leaves Retreat. During this time I’ve been involved in renovations, meeting people, developing beautiful friendships, establishing a Spiritial presence and basically rebuilding my life. Now, the time has arrived for me to regroup, to take time out, to undertake some intense work in profound spiritual renewal. Although I work on my spiritual renewal daily, I know it’s time to do a complete Spiritual overhaul! In keeping with this realisation, I was sent the most precious of gifts!

Green Leaves Retreat
Patricia Lucy (left) with Alicia Lyford (right) at the Forest of Tranquility, Ourimbah NSW


A series of circumstances found me uniting with another Divine healing channel! Alicia Lyford is a spiritual and medical intuitive. Alicia flew down from the Gold Coast to visit me at Green Leaves Retreat.

Green Leaves Retreat
Alicia Lyford, preparing the space at Green Leaves Retreat prior to clients arrival


Our days together were full and profoundly nourishing. We laughed, cried, conducted sacred healing sessions with clients, we presented at the Forest of Tranquility, held a film night, and generally focused on assisting and healing each other to be and become the best versions of ourselves. Now Alicia has left and my energy and the energy at Green Leaves Retreat reflects the intense uplifts and shifts. With an elevated frequency, the harmony and crystalline vibrational frequency is even higher and more harmonic! What a blessed union!

Green Leaves Retreat
The wonderful John of God in “A Quest To Heal – Beyond The Physical” at the Film Night, Green Leaves Retreat


Spiritual renewal is the only way for me to evolve and advance. It’s the only way for me to reach my highest potential. It’s the only way for me to continue my work as a healing channel.My calling to assist others to gain life meaning, joy and abundance requires me to be in tip top form. Nothing less will do.

Green Leaves Retreat

The super rejuvenated, renewed, refreshed, happier, more joyful me looks forward to living as a clearer Channel, helping myself, all beings and planet earth to live in peace,joy health and abundance.

Remember to fill up your tanks and enjoy the journey!




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Bring On The Rain

Green Leaves Retreat

Hello Beautiful Ones,

Ahhh what a reprieve! After the scorching hot days of summer, this morning greets me with a heavy rain! The bamboo branches gracefully arch weighted heavily by the raindrops while the golden cane seem excited and alert standing tall hungrily absorbing every drop of their H2O.

Green Leaves Retreat

I’m loving it! Rain is so refreshing. The birds are happily flying low whistling and singing “wet my feathers wet my beak, and we’ll sing you a song, we’ll make your week”. Everything seems to come to life in the rain-and I’m so pleased for the frogs!

When there’s no rain, the frogs are not happily croaking, in fact, there are no frog sounds at all. So, in a dry spell, where do the frogs go?

Recently I found a frog in my bathroom that was a first for me. Using a clear container I was able to catch the poor little thing. I looked at the frog and noted its brownish and dark green colours – hmmm they didn’t look quite right. But then I figured I didn’t really know what a healthy frog looked like. The frog was carefully and steadily carried outside and slowly I lowered the container placing it in the garden.

Green Leaves Retreat

In retrospect I realised that the poor little fella didn’t look so well because it was probably dying of thirst! It had come looking for water! With this realisation I began to lament whether or not the frog was still alive. Ohhh I got sad :-((  I wished I’d had this realisation earlier Then I would have showered the frog with water. Then, I began thinking further…” oh no …It would’ve taken ages for the poor little frog to find its way into the bathroom and finally having arrived at its destination all parched and frail then I scooped it up and returned to its starting point. What had I done”!?

The next day I placed a little dish filled with water outside in the garden. I had hoped that the little frog and its friends would come and avail themselves of the opportunity I’d just created.

Green Leaves Retreat

Today the little water container is overflowing and I haven’t seen or heard any frogs for awhile. Who knows what’s happening with these little creatures.

Enjoy the glorious rains. I’m off to indulge my spirit. I’m going to light more candles, put on some Chillax music, get into some meditation then wait for the rains to cease and watch the plants flourish. After all, just like us humans, all living things great and small need to Nourish before they can Flourish!

Green Leaves Retreat

Much love


See you soon!

Love Love Love

Patricia Lucy

Green Leaves Retreat


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Welcome to the Green Vine

Green Leaves Retreat

Hi gorgeous souls

Welcome to 2018 and the first Green Vine newsletter!

It’s been a year and a few months since Spirit uprooted me from my familiar surrounds and propelled me into the paradise known as the Central Coast.

Overnight, I left family, friends, and my successful Spiritual and Healing Centre in Sydney! It took a number of months to comprehend the enormity of what I had done. I followed my heart, took a leap of faith, left everything and came to an area which I thought only existed in America. Here I knew no one. Here in Wyoming, I started all over again!

As time went on I realised more and more that this location is beyond perfection. Green Leaves Retreat is in a lush green valley and every morning I wake up to birdsong! The bus stop is on the corner and the beautiful mountain is five minutes up the road. I’m constantly being reminded that I’m surrounded by miracles and that my relocation is a direct consequence of Divine intervention and guidance.

Green Leaves Retreat represents a year of hard work, blood, sweat and tears. But voila, the fruits of my labour can be shared, with you!!

Green Leaves Retreat

I can officially say that Green Leaves Retreat is finally developing a presence. The last three workshops have sold out and referrals are happening via word of mouth! Wow, this is totally humbling.

Green Leaves Retreat

This new year has also seen me qualify as a true Coastie!

I’ve received my first wasp bite on my hand and my first bluebottle sting behind my right knee! Ouch! Tell you the truth, I didn’t quite know the why behind either of them nor what to do about the stinging!

On both occasions I rang the chemist for enlightenment! Thankfully this also came with the psychological relief of knowing the “what” it was and “how” to get rid of the sting.

At Green Leaves Retreat, all Services are pre booked, so you could imagine my surprise at the unexpected drop in guest.

Green Leaves Retreat

Being a city girl I realise how naive I can be. I wasn’t quite sure what this drop in guest was. In fact, I thought it may have been an albino bush turkey! I excitedly took photographs and sent them to one of my country friends. He was able to identify it as an adolescent bantam hen. He suggested that the hen had probably escaped from a nearby neighbour but, I didn’t know anyone with hens. I wasn’t sure if I should bring this hen inside after all, I didn’t want any harm to come to it. My country friend assured me that the hen would be okay outdoors. He also told me that I could pick it up. I didn’t do that because I was too scared. I gave my new guest food and water and watched with excitement as it pecked-away. I was happy to see it was still there in the evening…but,a bit sad the next day. I couldn’t find it. I just hoped it was okay and it hadn’t been attacked by anything.

I’m totally enchanted by the Central Coast, by all its natural beauty and by all the wonderful Coasties.

Green Leaves Retreat

I feel honoured and privileged to be here and I can’t wait to meet you all.

Many blessings and much love.


Events at Green Leaves Retreat

“Get What You Need” Workshops

Join us for our next Workshop on Saturday 17 February 2018! Click here to learn more and RSVP to the next “Get What You Need” Workshop. We also have “Get What You Need” Workshops running on 3 March and 17 March!

Get What You Need Workshops at Green Leaves Retreat

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Lightworkers Unite! Sunday Spiritual Nourishment

We also have regular Sunday Spiritual Nourishment at Green Leaves Retreat.

Lightworkers Unite at Green Leaves Retreat

Sharing wisdom and spiritual nourishment, Lightworkers gather at Green Leaves Retreat to unite, energise, share, love, nourish and flourish.

Sundays 4:00pm – 5:30 pm at Green Leaves Retreat for guided meditation, sacred fire, chat, aromatic tea, and nibbles. Now only $25. Book now for Lightworkers Unite!


May you

love nourish and flourish

today tomorrow and always

Love Patricia Lucy


Green Leaves Retreat