Hints of Winter

Hints of Winter
I suppose there’s not that many hints given that winter is well and truely here but, it’s these sunny days which keep me feeling that we haven’t quiet arrived.
I’m loving the crisp air and that need to bring my shoulders in closer as my hands plunge deeper into my pockets.

Inhaling the cool air there’s that tingling chill which makes my eyes water and when I exhale, I love looking at my misty breath. As a child, with each “out breath”, Id make believe I was an adult smoking a cigarette. At other times I’d play chasing with my brother and sister and we’d take turns at being the fire breathing dragon.Today, watching the exhaled condensation Is a simple thrill, and one which reminds me that I’m well and truely alive !

I come up to this mountain to forest bathe. This intimate communion with nature always rebalances and recharges me. It’s a reminder that all’s well in my world.

As I continue to Inhale and exhale I notice the warm sun rays kissing my back and highlighting the lush green surrounds.This is accompanied by  a freshness .Im transfixed as a watch the slow rolling mist blanketing everything. I now stand in a dreamy and surreal landscape.

The rain hasent quiet settled in and it’s almost like weve been given little reminders that all of nature is slowing down, slowly coming to a halt cocooning itself ready to snuggle up to nurture and replenish.

A chorus of kookaburras start laughing and the plants seem happy and content as they bob up and down in the slight breeze.
With the change of season so comes the need for wardrobe re arrangement. All the summer clothing which is easily accessible on the bottom of the wardrobe has to be moved up to make room for the winter clothes.
With this re arranging I’m already anticipating what I’m going to find! I know I’m going to discover “ lots of clothing. Oh I forgot about this ! , “oh what was I thinking when I brought that? Oh look this dress still has its labels! I don’t think I’ll ever wear this one ! Wow this was such a bargain, how could I have resisted? “ Why did I buy this, its huge or why did I buy this one, it’s far too small?”

Preparing for winter means there are many jobs. I’ll need a number of boxes to get the clothes organised then,  Ill have to  buy supplies of fire wood for the furnace oh wait, oh no! I’ll also need to replace the broken glass in the furnace door! Guess I’ll need to research where I can buy that!

In one of the healing sessions, we were deep in meditation when suddenly there was a sharp crunch followed by a whipping sound. When the client left I discovered a huge crack across the furnace door. Yes, releasing of energy can do this . It was reminencent of a session I had in Sydney where I was left with billions and billions of tiny shards of glass from a once present glass table. Well at least this time I wont have to literally clean it up in shovel fulls !!
Ok so, back to the wardrobe re arrangement. Nows the time to make some resolutions .

I promise to buy only clothes that fit and I  promise I will wear them within the  first few months of purchase.
And Im going to make a super dupper special note to myself that once that new glass door goes into the furnace I will  encircle the furnace with an invisible shatter proof ring of protection.
Now I’m off to organise and donate those beautiful new clothes  which Ive packed away in those boxes . I always feel so good when I give to Charity. Dont  you?
Book a visit so we can indulge in a big steamy mug of coco and watch the logs burn!
Love You
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