The Emergence of The Divine Feminine

The Emergence of The Divine Feminine

We are privy to a re-birth!

At this 11th hour, feminine energy is rising. This fierce feminine life force has stepped in to redress the present imbalance.

Within all of us, regardless of gender, our soul has both feminine and masculine energy. Yet, for aeons, the feminine energy has been devalued and the masculine has been the overriding voice and the voice of celebration.

Inequality has reached a crucial extreme and our earthly systems can no longer progress. Together we bear active witness to the emergence of the Divine feminine.

This feminine rising, while introducing a balance, is liberating our world, leading and showing us the way forward.

Kindness, nurturance, love, compassion and other feminine characteristics, primarily absent or scant, are now manifesting everywhere.

Mother Earth, her eco systems, humans, beings of light, all innocents and everything on planet earth are experiencing the feminine’s fierce force of protection.

This increasing force and feminine embrace is rebalancing, and transformative. The energies of love, nurturance, re-awakening and renewal, sees an en mass healing occurring at a frequency never before witnessed.

Perpetrators of unacceptable attacks on the feminine are no longer safe. Degradation, abuse and suffering, whether in politics, economics, social, religious, ecological or other systems are under the ‘spotlight’.

Within this strong alchemical rising, we are supported in all aspects of healing. Practising self nurture, self love and self compassion is especially encouraged so as individually and as a collective, we can move forward with ease, grace, and wisdom.

Along with this rebalancing there is a liberation and many are regaining and rediscovering their voices and speaking their truth.

The Divine feminine, Love and Nurturance are finally ascending.

Together we are rising! Change is here and Karmic Justice is with us!

And so be it!

Big Love
Patricia Lucy

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We are witness to and experiencing  planet earths re birthing-the emergence of the Divine Feminine