Tourist at Home

I love being a tourist at home. I don’t have to pack my bags, I don’t have to think about the exchange rate ,I don’t have to grapple with any taxi drivers or foreign tongues.I can be totally independent and drive myself anywhere or catch any form of public transport all without a hitch.

As a local tourist its wonderful  to aimlessly walk-around baggage free and its always so exciting discovering new coffee shops. Unlike holidays away from home,I can be accompanied by my trusty companion Zac ! See image below 🙂

Ahhh! The bliss of chilling out while reading and being entertained. Nature walks, caves to explore, rocks to climb and platforms to view out standings scenery’s. Or perhaps it’s a day to hang out by the beach and listen to the waves crash on the shore while contemplating life. This scenario can quite easily be followed by a relaxing massage. Why not complete the evening with fish and chips? No one  wants to cook dinner when their on holidays.

On the Central Coast we really and truly are spoilt for choice and everything is so close! One moment we’re’ on a country drive looking at scarecrows, the next we stand by a lake. Back in the car and 20 minutes on wards we’re watching a movie! After the movie we decide a little walk by the waterfall would be a perfect ending to a lovely day!

Like all tourists ,if you haven’t done any prior research and you”re stuck on what to do, you can always consult a tourist information Centre !

Tourist Centres have a comprehensive list of the latest “what’s on” and happenings in the local and extended environs. From markets, shopping villages, art Galleries, Live entertainment, scenic drives, hotels,mountains,Beaches, Lakes, bushwalks, theatre, places to eat and Gardens to visit. “But wait there’s more…..

Your guide to the central coast, formally the Central Coast imag is edited by the fabulous Klara Kaye. Packed with up-to-date events and deals.Your Guide Central Coast showcases some of the gems accessible to us “tourists” Whether it be hot shopping locations,Wednesdays Ladies night with free wines or free crafted beer tastings, birthday sales or restaurant reviews. If you’re serious about a good holiday, this little mag is a must have!

Ahhhh I’m tuckered ! After seeing an exhibition at the local library, and going for a drive up north, checking some cute seaside villages and driving through some amazing national parks Id have to sayI’ve had a very very enjoyable holiday today.

Life is for living and every day is a holiday. Keep your airfare farein your pockets and simply pack the right attitude. It’s fail safe!

Enjoy, I know you will.

Much Love

Trish- Lucy 🌈

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