Watch Those Thoughts!

We all have thoughts and wise use of our thoughst can mean the difference between a happy or bad day.In fact, our thoughts are so powerful that they dictate whether or not we lead a fulfilled and content life!

Ourselves and everything around us is made of energy and, although many things appear solid, at a deeper level all things are made of minute particles which when broken down are just pure energy. Ourselves and all within and around us form part of this greater energy field.



All energy vibrates at different speeds with different qualities and  densities.For example thought is a relatively fine light form of energy and is easy and quick to change whereas matter is relatively dense compact energy and therefore slower to move and change.

To create, we first have the thought then we have it’s manifestation. For example , when you want a vegemite sandwich you have the image and then off you go to create the sandwich. It is the creation of the thought which magnetises and guides your physical energy to manifest your desire on the physical plane.

Simply maintaining a thought in your mind will attract and create on the physical plane. This is a universal law and principal best explained as “as you sow, so you shall reap” This means that our energy flows towards what we think about and whatever your energy flows towards that’s what grows. 

Healthy or unhealthy, whether your energy is flowing towards what’s good or bad for you, your energy does not discriminate -your energy simply follows the law of creating -that is the image which is created by you -and held in your mind.

With the knowledge that our thoughts magnetise particular outcomes it is therefore imperative to assess and re-evaluate our thoughts regularly. Are my thoughts positive? Do I have a healthy belief system? Are the perceptions I have of myself useful to me in my daily life?

To have a profound understanding of this energetic law is akin to holding the golden key to a life of liberation and manifestation. You have it! You have the power. Use it wisely!


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