What Is Our Life Purpose?

So here we are on planet Earth . We are all on different journeys, we are all unique.We have our own experiences,thoughts,beliefs and ways of seeing. We are also at different stages on our life path and yet,we are all here together and we are all learning. At this point in time, some of us are learning patience, other’s kindness, some of us are learning to be more compassionate while others are gaining insight. Perhaps you’re learning discipline or self love.At this moment what are you learning? What obstacles are you experiencing or do you see?

We need obstacles.Obstacles are vehicles for learning and present us with the gift of Spiritual evolution. Our Spiritual evolution provides our way forward and prepares us for our future. Every obstacle and all difficulty therefore is an opportunity to empower us. If however we do not comprehend this opportunity or if we do not learn from this experience, the universe will ensure that our learning experience is repeated.

Model yourself on those you admire. Their success exists because it can be achieved. Who do you admire? How does this person inspire you? What beliefs do you think they have about themselves and about the world ? What sort of hopes might they have and what sort of actions do they undertake?

You are a being of endless possibilities and potentials. Self reflect, learn meditate,help and love yourself, help and love others,try to be understanding. By doing so, you will discover your infinite potential and possibilities.

As you travel along the road of life,different life experiences will offer discoveries and each discovery offers you a life purpose . You too can live in hope and joy and make the world a better place.Remember, as long as you do your spiritual work, you will always evolve and know you are never alone.

So your life purpose? Your life purpose is to Love yourself, Love others and leave the world in a better shape than the way you found it. This can be achieved by Spiritual development.
Now, go, enjoy the journey :-))

Patricia Lucy 🌈
Green Leaves Retreat
Sharing the journey is my passion!

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