When You’re in LOVE That’s All There Is

I’ve just come back from overseas and all I can say is, while away, every single day, my excitement intensified! It intensified for my return back home! Why? Because I’m in Love with the Central Coast!

Yes, the holiday was a break, and yes it did afford an opportunity to self reflect, and to become familiar with other customs and traditions.

Green Leaves Retreat

I learnt a couple of choice words in a new language. “ Good morning, good evening, how are you, please, thank you, where is”….I learnt to bow at just the correct angle and to control any facial expressions which may give insight into any emotion other than joy or neutrality.

Green Leaves Retreat

I was adventurous and tried some food that I would never try at home and rubbed shoulders with exciting people. I also made some wonderful friendships. So what happened to the “SHEBANG”??

Green Leaves Retreat

Okay so why didn’t my holiday thrill me? I’ve looked at all options. Could I be over patriotic? Or lacking in gratitude? Or perhaps I’m just simply spoilt?

Green Leaves Retreat

I decided as an Australian and particularly as a Coastie, that I am in fact super spoilt! It is without a skerrick of a doubt that I believe the Central Coast is probably one of the most undiscovered and magnificent jewels on planet Earth!

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before, I know I have but, for me, being away was yet another reminder and reinforcer of my conviction and belief that is, that here on the Coast, We live in heaven!!

Was the holiday a waste of time? No absolutely not, but how fortunate we are to live in Australia !

I’m originally from Sydney and  its about a year and a half ago that Spirit directed me to “Wyoming”I thought they wanted me to go to America! Luckily it was Wyoming on the Central Coast!  I didn’t want to leave family, friends and familiar environments and step into the unknown but My intuition took over.  In an emotionally detached yet elected state, I was uprooted  over night.  I had no idea where Wyoming was or why  I was being sent.
 I arrived in Wyoming and as though on automatic pilot, I set up the Spiritual and Healing Centre Green Leaves Retreat.

Green Leaves Retreat

Located in a lush green valley, surrounded by banana and lemon trees it truely is a magnificent high frequency haven to chill out. With Mount Elliot a few minutes behind, a small mall down the road, a great coffee shop, an amazing theatre, cockies, bush turkeys, turtles, bird song, I’m so soooooo in love! I guess there’s another reason and in fact the true reason. No one ever wants to be away from their one true love! How fortunate we are!

Green Leaves Retreat

Look forward to meeting you and sharing the gifts.







The Central Coast


P.S. Lightworkers Unite! Sunday Spiritual Nourishment is on this Sunday 29th April 2018 at Green Leaves Retreat. Come Love, Nourish, Flourish with us, click here for more information and to book!

P.P.S. The next Workshop at Green Leaves Retreat is on Saturday 5th May 2018 – click here for more information and to book.